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Croxley’s Ale House will forever have a place in my heart. It takes me back to a time in my early twenties.

It’s located on 4th and Ave B near the first grown up apartment I shared with my best friend, Tiffany. That was the first apartment I decorated with my very own money, the one I lived in while working at my first grownup job and the one that supported me through my first weird, adult relationship.

Tiff and I went to Croxley’s all the time. We’d order too many wings and curly fries because they were cheap and delicious, and drink beer while watching The Heat play. She loved Lebron, I loved Wade. We were the best team in the NBA; It was a golden time.

Visits to Croxleys were also the result of a text filled with either excitement or overwhelming stress. They went something like:

Example 1 – OMG! That hottie from OkCupid sent me a msg. So funny! Gotta show you. Croxley’s after work?
Example 2 – Ugh, I forgot to recharge batteries and now we can’t shoot. I’m the worst employee. Can we chicken wing tonight? I need to drown myself in beer.

Tiff and I even ate there for my send off before I moved to Australia – we cheersed to our time as roomies and chugged our Fosters in honor of the future. (Btw, I’ve never even seen a Fosters in Australia.)

We went back to Croxley’s recently and it still has that same small sports bar charm it always did. Even with it’s 19 TVs playing sport, it somehow manages to create a grungy yet cool East Village vibe. Coming back as somewhat of an adult with a newly discovered love of craft beer, I realized how incredible Croxley’s beer offering is. They sport over 99 domestic and international craft beer options and an additional 33 options on tap (starting at $6).

The best part of it all is still the wings deals, of course. Every day, except Friday, you can get boneless chicken wings for 20 cents and the Croxley’s classic wings for 30 cents. The only catch is that you have to spend at least $5 on a drink (alcoholic or not) per person. But that is no catch at all because you were going to order a beer anyway!

This deal seems too good to be true but I promise it’s not. I’ve used and abused it one too many times. The deal is real and it’s good and I miss it.

Tiff still lives nearby with her gorgeous dog, Frank. If I ever find out she’s been sharing chicken wings with anyone else there’s going to be trouble…

East Village Ale House
28 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009
Open seven days week
The chicken wing deal is subject to change 
call or check the site before you visit!

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    Omg – I love this and MISS YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK! I would never dare to share our secret fat spot with anyone else. Can you come back so we can go?

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