Cookie Time With a Vengeance

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‘Once is never enough’ is not only a great slogan for a cookie cafe, like Cookie Time, it’s a perfect slogan for Queenstown, New Zealand. Because it’s true, once isn’t enough. That’s why Jack and I went back around the exact same time as we did last year, and stayed in the exact same place, and played Disc Golf on the exact same course. Sounds boring? It wasn’t! It was a completely different type of trip. 2012 was all about the action sports: canyoning, sky diving, kayaking, lugging, hiking. This time around it was all about relaxing, walking, eating, and hot tubing. We did luge both times though – You should always luge.

One thing that didn’t stay the same but grew in height, width and length is my pure adoration for Cookie Time. You remember Cookie Time!  You don’t? Read this! 

I don’t think I’ve ever been so fond of a trollish looking cookie muncher. I feel like the cookie muncher and I crossed the line from acquaintances to friends. It almost felt like he had gone to my high school but we didn’t really know the other existed, then I met him as a grown up and was surprised to learn that I had a little crush on him (the awkward positioning of my hand in the picture above probably gives it all away).

My only real problem with Cookie Time is that the cookies are so good they go straight into my tummy leaving no time for photos or visual aids; not this year, not last. How can I tell you about something I can’t even show you? Easy, lets continue…

I’ve still only tried the warm, classic chocolate chips cookies. Call me boring, again, but I just felt switching it up wasn’t worth it. I only had 14 days of that chocolaty, crunchy goodness.

Every time some one in our group mentioned hunger or made plans for dinner I’d remind them about the perfectly melted, and warm, soft yet crunchy cookie that could be ours. Then I’d drill the idea of Cookie Time happy hour into everyone’s heads until we could schedule dinner around the badly timed 6-7pm happy hour. Who has time for a 6pm happy hour when you’ve got such delicious, creative restaurants in Queenstown, OR when you have to be home to enjoy the sunset from the hot tub in your hotel which just happens to give you amazing views of the mountains. We do, I guess, because surprisingly we chose Cookie Time happy hour half the time. Someone has to give these cookies a good home.

Interesting side note: If you’re the type of person that likes to dip cookies in coffee you won’t be able to. Cookie Time doesn’t serve coffee as Starbucks is in the same shopping center and wont allow it. Bobo heads.

Serious side note: Melbourne needs a Cookie Time.


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