Cookie Dough & Oreo & Brownie Yumminess


Thanks to Netflix my roommate and I were hosting a marathon of “Ally McBeal” for ourselves (everyone should do this at some point, boys not excluded). We were up to the episode where you realize that Ally and Billy with never, ever be together. Yes, I know. We liked Georgina too but Ally and Billy were meant to be! Needless to say, depression set in. But being that I am from the Gen Y generation I was already browsing through the Pinterest Food and Drink section. Almost instantly I saw it. The only thing I knew would make us feel better after yet another meant-to-be-couple parted ways: a Cookie Dough and Oreo and Brownie Yumminess.
All you need to make it is cookie dough, Oreos and brownie mix. Easy!

We made our cookie dough from scratch (only because we were too lazy go to the supermarket) but anything works!

Note: Yes, we had Oreos and Brownie Mix just lying around the apartment.

Now, the process took less than 10 minutes total and is as easy as the steps below.

1. Butter the pan or Pam it, whichever you like best!

2. Make the Brownie Mix and keep it separated from everything else.

3. Place the sticky Cookie Dough on the bottom and spread it all out.

4. Strategically place the Oreos (we went with the classic) one by one, perfectly in line, as close to each other as possible so you fit more. Not one bit should be Oreoless!

5. Pour the Brownie mix on top. Beautiful, it’s beautiful!

6. If your roommate is like mine, at this moment he/she/it will try to stick their fingers in the mix while you’re pouring. Don’t let them! Not because it’s gross but because it’s not fair that you can’t do it also.

6. Take a picture of the “Before”.

7. Put a mitten on (safety first) and place the pan in the oven, I put it at 250 for 15 minutes but I like mine half-cooked. I know, I’m outrageous!

8. Wait around and do something super fun. Or be a grown up and start the dishes.

9. Bring the mountain of a dessert out of the oven, take an “After” picture and enjoy!

Be forewarned – it’s definitely too much food. Your tummy will hurt if you eat more than one square piece. But making it is definitely worth that one hot, slimy but at the same time hard dream of a dessert. Bring the left over to work the next day and you will get brownie points guaranteed (pun intended). You are very welcome!



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