Coffee Date, Because

coffee date becausee_

Coffee is getting more expensive every day. I blink and the price of my strong flat white has gone up 20 cents. It’s not a bad thing; It’s just surprising. It definitely makes me value these coffee dates of ours more. I remember when N. Lee Bakery, Jack and I’s worst kept secret, raised food and drink prices. They put the sweetest note on the cash register explaining why. I was like, “Omg. Of course! Why wouldn’t you!” Just goes to show how important communication is. Anyway, have you heard…

… the story about the two whales, the drone and the paddle boarder? Incredible footage!

This photography series is so creepy because it’s so true.

I’ve been saying this ever since our visit to Alcatraz.

You will not believe how cheap airline tickets will be with Norwegian Airlines in 2017.

Will you be buying this champagne bong?

No matter what you believe, you can’t deny how incredible these images are.

This commercial made me cry. I’m such a sucker.

If they came to Melbourne, 13826428% be going.

But! I would fly to the ends of the Earth to go to this show.

I would love to experience this festival.

She was just named the sexiest woman alive and I totally agree.

Classpass in now available in Melbourne. #letusrejoice

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