Cities and CHIPPS


A topic Jack and I discuss a lot is what makes up great cities. It may be nerdy, but we’re just really into cities. We like comparing one to the next, thinking up ways they could be improved, and listing their qualities that work. We do this for fun. We’re weird, we know.

Our visit to Berlin in March was the first time I ever stepped foot in Germany. I was really looking forward to that passport stamp. People kept telling me that I would fall in love with Berlin for it’s ugliness. And I did. I was charmed by the history behind the abandoned buildings down Karl-Marx-Allee in Friedrichshain, where we called home. I was fascinated by the rows of apartments used to showcase everything from mediocre to political graffiti in Kreuzberg, where we spent most of our time.

Until that point, Berlin was just the way I had imagined it: an exciting, creative and seductive city inspired by an affected past.

The very same week we watched the video above we decided to venture out to Mitte for breakfast at CHIPPS. CHIPPS just happens to be located at the end of Jägerstraße, a street that should be ordained “Master of Organised Individuality”, or something. The row of buildings on the street are uniform, unique and invite social activity. There was a communal ping pong table in front of the buildings for goodness sake!

breakfast berlin

It was like the tips and tricks outlined in the video had come to life as a small-scale example of what could be.


It made total sense that a restaurant like CHIPPS would be located on this street. Don’t let the silly, playful names of the breakfast plates on their menu fool you, this place is serious about eating. That’s even their slogan! We ordered the Sleep Walker (waffles, blueberries and and whipped cream), the Bed Head (eggs Benedict with bacon) and a couple of pick-what-goes-in fresh juices. Everything was so good we contemplated getting another round.


Breakfast in berlin

Instead, we sat by the floor to ceilings windows for far too long, wondering what life would be like if we lived on a street as attractive as Jägerstraße with a neighbourhood restaurant as delicious as CHIPPS.

Jägerstraße 35, 10117 Berlin-Mitte


*The video above really hit home for us both. I know it’s almost 15 minutes long, and that’s way longer than you (and I) have, but watch it if you get a chance.

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