There is nothing like a birthday to help you find your new favorite breakfast place. Am I right? There is also no excuse like a birthday to get out of the little things, like being 30 minutes late to work last Friday.

It was one of those mornings where waking up early was my choice. I wanted to celebrate my friend’s birthday before, during and after work. it all started with an early morning breakfast at Cherrio.

Those early mornings are the times when I feel most powerful and confident, like any obstacle could arise and I would punch it square in the face without hurting my knuckles, just like in the movies.

Cherrio is probably the smallest cafe in all of richmond offering 15-20 seats. Every spot in the cafe is a good one, all tables are close enough to the coffee machine to feel warmth. It is cosy and warm and lovely, the type of place you could quickly become a regular.

I had no intention of getting poached eggs, runny or hard, until I heard what two of the other girls were having: two poached eggs with sourdough toast, avocado, fetta cheese and bacon. If I was a boston terrier my ears would have shot up even higher. I  totally copied them and, you know what, I’m proud it. If I wasn’t such a copy cater, I would have never dreamt up that delicious plate.

That meal may not sound like much but when done to perfection (and according to your preference) it’s the best in the world. Mark my works and forget everything I said here.

That breakfast plate (including coffee) hit the happy spot between my heart and my belly.

A cheer for Megan’s birthday and another for Cherrio.

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