Room 10 in Sydney, Australia

Jack and I were lucky enough to have free accommodation, an amazing apartment in Potts Point, on a recent trip to Sydney, Australia. I think the greatest thing about free accommodation is the free food recommendations that come with it (free as in you don’t waste time doing research). We were strongly encouraged, basically ordered, to go to Room 10 in Llankelly Place.

With three step directions we found it in a matter of minutes. We probably would have walked right by it had it not been for the crowd of people waiting to be seated or their take away coffee. Since there was a wait to sit inside and they offered blankets we sat on the tiny wooden tables outside.

Room 10 is very small but super busy; this made the atmosphere fun and exciting for a giddy tourist like me. I couldn’t stop smiling, people around me couldn’t understand it especially since the weather had turned to shit. Jack was embarrassed. But no one could stop me, I was ready to order without even looking at the menu, “Oh, yes we’re ready. The BREAKFAST RICE, please!” Those same people would have probably been relieved I was a local had it not been for my american accent and the lack of color in my wardrobe.

My strong flat white was placed on the table a few minutes later and following almost immediately came my plate. If I could buy you this meal and spoon feed it to you I would because a) I will not do it any justice and b) you deserve it.

With each bite came every texture, flavor and color I had not predicted. I’m talking about brown rice, yoghurt, warm milk, banana, strawberry, sugar, pistachios, rose-water and rhubarb. I was in the healthy side of breakfast heaven while Jack was lost and deep in the unhealthy side, ripping away his Panini. I almost suggested we go back the next morning so I could have my own Panini or repeat my breakfast rice, but that’s breaking a food and travel rule I’m sure is documented somewhere.

I want to say that I’ll attempt to make this breakfast rice at home one day, because it seems possible, but I don’t want to promise myself such glamorous things.

Room 10 

10 Llankelly Place, Potts Point NSW 2011