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Queenstown’s Walter Peak High Country Farm



A promise was made to my sister and my mom that sheep would be in abundance once we arrived in Queenstown. I was most excited to luge, but they were most excited to see sheep. So, I kept assuring them they would see more sheep than they knew what to do with.

Three days into our trip we had seen no sheep. Not even one!

On the fourth day, my family grew impatient. The trust was broken between us so they started asking around.

“Don’t lie to us. We’ve had a dud informant in the past”, they would say pointing at me standing approximately 5,003 feet behind them.
“Have YOU seen the sheep? ”
“Just, please, point us in the direction of where the sheep live?” my sister said, in desperation.
“Now!” my mom ordered, as she does. 

They interrogated the people of Queenstown as if they were filming True Detective season 3 (or Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3). Most people laughed at with them but, to my surprise, they came back with some good intel.

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I love Queenstown’s Luge

My mom loves to plan. She also loves to talk about plans and then confirm that said plans are okay with everyone involved. My two, and very important, cents about our Queenstown trip was that we carve out time to go up to the Skyline Gondola and luge.

My opinion, and I felt strongly about it, was that we splurge on the gondola ticket + 5 luge rides (the most you can get). My family looked at me bewildered like, “What’s a luge again”? That’s when I threw my phone across the room, called them freaks and, in a fit of rage, ran to my room which I share with my husband.

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New Zealand

Coffee date, because…

I’ve been so busy lately – I haven’t been answering calls, texts, email or letters. Forgive me. My family came over from the US for a few weeks so we could celebrate Thanksgiving and, finally, visit New Zealand(!!). But now I’m back with a vengeance and I can’t wait to catch up.

I’m up to date with this show and would really love for Season 6 to come out now.

The Dressmaker made me want to change my closet.

Now, this is a great sponsorship idea.


These girls are so funny.

Gorilla sales sky rocket after latest gorilla attack, The Onion reports. 

Currently watching Nashville. I’m obsessed and I don’t care who knows it.

If Amy and Tina say we can watch both then #wecanwatchboth.

Recently went to this restaurant and bloody LOVED it.

My dream Christmas present, please!

Snow is coming. 

I’ve started listening to this podcast. Try the episode called “How To Be Batman”.