Rice Paper Scissors: Use Your Hands





I first noticed Rice Paper Scissors on Instagram. Their photos had me drooling – I was very hungry at the time. Every dish shared had juicy meat as the centerpiece, with pops of color throughout. Images of the exposed brick, high chairs and stunning bar drew me in. Plus, cocktails like the Tigerita: tequila, salted cucumber and lime had me chanting ‘TGIF! TIGIF!’. It was a Friday.

But it was the images of the staff having, like, the best time ever that sold it to me, and the hashtag #useyourhands. I wanted in!

Not only would I press follow, I would visit. Immediately. They have two locations: Melbourne CBD and Fitzroy. The Fitzroy once is approximately two minutes walking from my house. So, we drove to save time.

Rice Paper Scissors makes deciding what to order super easy. You can choose any five dishes on the menu and it will cost $59 for two people. Pictured above you’ll find the crying tiger, the bbq lamb ribs (OMGAWD!), my gorgeous boy, the chicken salad and the calamari.

You cannot order wrong here, I swear. We’ve been back again and tried the bbq king prawns, the crispy barramundi, the Asian greens and the vietnamese baguette. I’m hoping for my birthday this year we can rent out the entire Fitzroy location, order everything on the menu – including cocktails – and have a dance party.

I just feel like it’s the type of thing the lovely folks at Rice Paper Scissors would endorse.


hot springs

Peninsula Hot Springs: #TreatYoSelf

Peninsula Hot Springs

You’ve been working your butt off since the start of the year. You’ve been kicking ass, taking names, hustlin’, and all of that. You’ve been doing it all with the resilience of a college sophomore intent on getting crazy during Spring Break.

Unfortunately, Spring Break is not a thing in Australia but Easter is, and it’s finally here. Yes! A long, lazy weekend – just when we all need it. It’s time to sit back, relax and put on your bathing suit because there is nowhere better to go than the Peninsula Hot Springs.

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Lamington Jaffles at Bad Frankie



You know that thing that happens when you’ve been dating someone for so long… You start to know them better than they know themselves, yea? Sure, Jack and I have only been together since 2011 but we’ve basically lived together since we met. There was no awkward dating, no playing games, no never-knowing-how-the-other-felt, we behaved obsessively in love from the get-go. I know Jack like I know every word to Eminem’s Curtain Call: The Hits album.

Contrary to my husband’s beliefs, his favorite dessert is the Australian classic, lamingtons. I’m 120% positive. His mouth waters at the sight of the square sponge cake covered in outer layer of chocolate sauce sprinkled in coconut flakes. We stop to purchase a lamington every single time we pass a bakery. He bought me The Common Sense Cookery Book so I could learn to make the tasty treats. And when I told him about the bar in Fitzroy that serves LAMINGTON JAFFLES he nearly peed his pants in excitement.

That small quaint bar goes by the name Bad Frankie and serves up a variety of seriously good jaffles using Phillippa’s Bakery bread(!)! Thing is, Bad Frankie offers so much more. It is also home to quality and boutique Australian spirits, which are shaken, mixed and delivered to your table in the form of a delicious cocktail.

I really love this place! The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, as is the staff. The interior design is unlike any other bar in the area and I know have a strong desire to paint my walls blue while swinging on ropes. Plus, I mean, what’s better than having drinks and jaffles?

Bad Frankie
141 Greeves St (near Smith St), Fitzroy VIC 3065
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday 3–11pm
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 3–1am
Monday – closed


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Night Noodle Markets 2015: Must Love Asian Cuisine












My sister isn’t one for Asian cuisine. The most she’ll “do” is sushi and even then she “must be in the mood”.

If you push her, she’ll back away. I learned my lesson during her last visit to Melbourne. I took her to Chin Chin and Mamak and, without a hint of desperation, begged her to try the food. She denied at first. And tried to cancel plans. But it was a group thing and everyone else agreed so she was suckered in. At Chin Chin she only tried a bite of the calamari before setting it aside to focus on her cocktail. I kept an eye on her. When she also set aside the fried chicken at Mamak I couldn’t hold it in.

I stood up and whispered loudly, “You try this mee goreng and you try it now!”.
“But I don’t want it.”
“You have a mental block. You haven’t even tried .”
“It scares me.”
“Listen! We are in my city, at my favorite Malaysian Restaurant  – you will try it and you will like it.”

She sat down, tried it, love it, moved to Australia and we lived happily ever after.

Okay no. It didn’t happen that way.  I gave her my best stink eye from across the table but she got her way – as little sisters do – and left for the US without the fiery love of Asian cuisine I wished to instil in her.

Before her recent trip to Melbourne, on a viber call to schedule our eating outings she requested that no Asian restaurants be included. I said that was fine as long as we went to the Night Noodle Markets.
“Noodles?” she asked.
“Not just noodles – that’s only the name. It’s a outdoor food festival near the city with decorations and a nice view and music and drinks and you’ll love it. It only happens once a year! N2 Gelato and Gelato Messina will be there and there’s much more seating than at Smorgasburg.”
“Okay fine! That sounds like fun!”

It’s hard to not be wooed by the Night Noodle Markets, especially on a warm afternoon when the cotton candy sky is going down over the city skyline and as fairy lights start shimmering. The Asian food frightened her but the ambiance lured her in! I advised she eat something simple: a fried rice, a steamed bun, etc. The group dispersed and everyone was left to their own devices.

Eat the Chicken’s pineapple fried rice was calling my name. When we gathered back at the table she was the only one without food. Nerves got the best of her, she couldn’t perform. She took some time to regroup before going out again. She was offered a try of everyone’s dishes but she declined – she would do this on her own. After a sip of beer, she marched on.

Five minutes later she came back with a pork floss doughnut thing. Yes, a pork floss doughnut. I tried to pretend like I really wanted some but couldn’t. I was scared of it. The texture and look of the pork floss is out of my comfort zone. I thought she was self sabotaging – order the most unappetising thing at the market and they won’t make you eat it.

When I started to accuse her I realized she was actually eating it. With a smile on her face. She loved it and I couldn’t believe it.

Maybe I’m the one who has the problem with Asian Cuisine.