Aloha, Jar!

When the sun is scorching hot in Fort Lauderdale, and I think I’m about to pass out, I just think of the Aloha Jar at the All Star Lanes bowling alley in London.

The Aloha Jar is made up of passion fruit vodka, pineapple and lime juice, passion fruit and almond syrup. Oh, and tons of crushed ice! It is the most beautiful, refreshing fruity drink I’ve had, and I don’t particularly enjoy fruity drinks. I’m a beer and red wine type of girl.

I wouldn’t even label it a fruity drink though, that’s not doing it justice. Every time I took a sip I felt closer to the beach. A few sips in, and I could smell the salt water; I could see me in a polca dot bikini included, laying on a lawn chair perfectlly located half in, half out half out of the water.  When I closed me eyes and took a sip, it felt as if I had lazily moved my arm over the lawn chair to touch the water.

The bowling is reason enough to visit All Star Lanes, but the Aloha Jar is a good excuse all on its own.

Side note: I’ve had the Moonshine and the Honey Pot, but neither came close to the Aloha Jar.

“You Will be Judged by Where You Eat”

What’s that old saying? “You will be judged by the restaurants you eat at.” No, that can’t be right.

The New Zealand bred cafe, Allpress Espresso, is a great place to take your mom, dad or both of them when you want to convince them that yes, you really are doing great. Because you are! And you want to show off!

Located in Shoreditch, this cafe is excellently put together. It’s brick exterior, wooden interior, and large windows a long the right wall will draw you straight in, if the strong aroma of coffee doesn’t. The big coffee roaster behind the baristas will keep your interest.

You have to order the Mixed Breakfast Plate. It comes with a hard boiled egg, avocado, tomato, cheese and ham, with bread on the side. It’s filling, delicious, healthy and comes out quick; what else could you ask for? Oh, and their coffee is delicious. Every time I’ve gone I’ve gone I’ve had two Flat Whites. One with my Mixed Breakfast Plate and one after; take away, please!

Important Additional Information: Allpress Espresso is not just for parents. It’s also a great place to go to with friends. Look, here is one now!

When Shopping Leads to Eating.

You know how sometimes you agree to go shopping with a friend even though you absolutely can’t buy anything? And then you spend an entire day keeping away from anything resembling that black leather backpack from Top Shop you want, and outside your friends dressing room saying, “yes, definitely buy it! At least you can!”

This happens to me a lot. I especially tend to hover over any book section I find, but especially in Urban Outfitters.

In Urban Outfitters was, what I assume to be, the newest, most hip and exciting restaurant guide book sharing where in London I should be eating. I immediately turned to East London, my neighborhood. There was only one restaurant listed in there that I hadn’t heard of which actually interested me: E. Pellicci.

Located in East London, the family owned E. Pellicci takes up a very small amount of place on Bethnal Green Road. It’s cozy in there, making it perfect for the atmosphere they maintain. If you like to keep to yourself during breakfast and like to have no interaction with the server other than the necessary then stay away. You will become best friends with the server by the time you take your seat. His name will most likely be Nevio Junior, and he will most likely suggest you order the freshly squeezed orange juice. You should do it, it’s delicious.

He will also suggest the breakfast sandwich. I got mine with egg, bacon, cheese, tomato and mustard. It was so good I went back the same week for another. The amount of food you get for the price and quality is astonishing. E. Pellicci is the only place in London I found that I can really say that about.

To be honest, I chose to order the breakfast sandwich out of fear. The plates being served to the patrons sitting around us were at sauce capacity. The lasagna – actually, I’m not if it was lasagna I couldn’t see the actual food.

This is truly a restaurant to visit when you’re hungry. Even our breakfast sandwichs were too much. So if you’re ever in East London and in the mood for some filling food, make your way to E. Pellicci and visit Mama Maria. She will help you leave there full, with money in your pocket, and a new friend, maybe even two.

One Person’s trash is…

a nerdy girls treasure!

Maybe it’s because I use to live in NYC or because I haven’t seen the movie Contagion, but finding little treasures on the side of the street is one of those little things I relish in.

Okay, let me be honest. By treasure I’m mostly (100%) talking about books. I love books! I love finding, reading, highlighting, collecting, talking about, writing, organizing and decorating with books.

So you can just imagine how exciting it was for me to be walking down a street, as you do, and find a stack of books just sitting there on the side walk waiting to be picked up.

These three books I found on my way to the super market in East London. The receipt from Amazon was actually still in each; $45 I would have probably spent at some point in my life anyway. Eureka!

The best thing I ever found in NYC was a small sized box filled to the top with romance novels. It felt like fate since I had an extremely long empty and high shelf in the living room of my apartment.

Now, I know some people say this is wrong or gross or weird (mostly my mom and my boyfriend) but I say I don’t care. It’s my treasure to find, not theirs!