Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.

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Living in Melbourne and being 16 hours ahead of Miami time means I can’t call my mom whenever I want to. Like, say, when I lived in New York and called her on my walk to and from work, on my lunch break, or any time I had a story. I use to call my mom for everything, that was our thing. “Should I wash my hair tonight or can I make it one more day?”, “What should I cook for dinner?”, “Should I take both advil and midol?”, but most of the time the conversation went something like “When you come visit we have to go to INSERT RESTAURANT NAME because it was INSERT EXPERIENCE. You are going to flip.” Not wanting to wake my mom up at 4am after having a scrumptious, fun, and excruciatingly delicious meal here in Australia I started writing my experiences down and saving them so maybe, one day, she could read them. A few weeks later this blog was born.

So thank you for being the kind of mom I want to and can share everything with.

I love you so very much, mama.

O-B House Saves Mornings in Fort Lauderdale

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I’ve been hearing a lot of bad things said about food in the US lately. Things like, “I couldn’t find one good thing to eat” or “The plates are way too big”, and “THE COFFEE? HAVE YOU TRIED THE COFFEE! YUCK!”

I wanted to list off some places I know and love immediately to prove them wrong, but what would have been the point. They couldn’t really jump on a 24 hour flight just to check them out. So, instead, I figured I can share them on here and when you’re in the US you can take advantage.

Take one: O-B House in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The majority of the population in Fort Lauderdale and I love the O-B House. I didn’t take a poll to find that out (so it may broad and not accurate), but when you have people waiting in line 30 minutes+ in Fort Lauderdale there’s gotta be some magic behind the curtain. Thats especially true of a cafe in downtown riverfront, with the beach ten minutes East and the IMAX Theatre two minutes west.

Let me start by saying the orange juice is incredible, and you know that’s not a quality of many cafes. Look at that bang for your buck! Yes, the large cup out of the four in the picture above was mine. 🙂

Let me continue by adding: I always order the “Build Your Own Omelet”. It’s basically a buffet without the food sitting out getting cold and collecting bacteria part. The O-B House uses three free range eggs to make these omelets and you can choose up to 4 toppings to go in. Heaven! I change up my toppings, but my constant is the Pepper Jack cheese.  I’m also a huge fan of the O-B House toast that comes with it. It’s thick, lightly toasted and comes out warm and is, surprisingly, not so filling.

One of my favorite things about the O-B House (second to the food) is the amount of pride they take in the making of every plate. On the menu they kindly ask you to be patient with them about the price (not bad!) and the wait (not so bad either!) as they are using the best and freshest ingredients they can get their hands on and take the time to cook every plate close to perfection. Those are my words, taken from theirs.

I have a few more words to THOSE people saying THOSE things about THOSE 50 states: SEE, GUYS! And this is just the start.

I Think About Cheese A Lot.

I do, I think about cheese a lot.

I’m only telling you this because I think we’ve become close friends. The type of friends who would never judge each other, but instead say something like, “Oh, please explain further so I can properly understand you and then help you with what you’re going through.”

I’m not embarrassed to tell you because it’s not just any old cheese, or the entire broad category of cheese. I think specifically about robiola cheese.

It was truly a day like any other when I went to Osteria Acqua Farina on US1 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Just a Tuesday night after a long days work. I looked at the menu, red wine in hand, and decided to order the foccacia because the truffle oil and prosciutto that came with it caught my attention, not the robiola cheese. And when our focaccia appetizer was placed on our table we did not celebrate or give thanks, we just grabbed for it as if it was nachos from The Cheesecake Factory.

This was wrong of us and I am sorry. The opportunity to have that foccacia should always be celebrated.

To further explain, I don’t think my face expression has ever changed so drastically. Mid chew, I felt my face go from normal and plain to joy and wonderment. But joy and wonderment doesn’t cover it, not at all. Because I still can’t wrap my brain around the perfect blend the saltiness of the focaccia and the deep, thick taste of robiola. How could I have known I would be taking a bite of one of my favorite foods. I couldn’t, you never know that stuff!

We went back to Osteria Acqua Farina many times, and while their pizza is also delectable and I would 100% recommend it, we’ve basically thrown the idea that you should order pizza at a pizza place out the window. It’s all foccacia and robiola cheese for the Cuffia family.

Now, how can I get from Melbourne to Fort Lauderdale and back just for lunch and before the design files open house tomorrow?