The Paramount // Boston

I keep a draft folder in my gmail account filled with restaurants I want to visit. It’s categorized by city, which keeps the research and decision making easy when travelling. After five short days of visiting my sister I had crossed out everything on my Boston list, which caused disappointment on my families face when the only idea I could offer was a blank stare. We needed something fun, quick, and delicious, so I searched and searched my blogroll but couldn’t find anything that fit. I finally turned to Time Out Boston and found The Paramount.

The Paramount is a small caffe in Beacon Hill that stands out due to its head to toe red awning. Everything in Boston seems to include a hint of red in the fall, even the trees, and I’m loving it. Inside The Paramount you’ll find a long and open kitchen giving their cafeteria style eating system a comfortable and homey feel. As you walk in you will be greeted by a host who will explain how it all works. You get in line, choose what you’d like to devour, order, and watch as multiple chefs work together to prepare it. A little like Mama’s in San Francisco but you witness a lot more action.

The need for something warm and comforting lead me to order the Banana and Caramel French Toast; with the addition of a small coffee and a large orange juice my meal was perfect. I got caramel on the side, but it all ended up in my tummy anyway. I already knew banana and caramel was a match made in heaven but the addition of french toast is ace. I was suppose to share with my sister, but it somehow all disappeared before she had the chance to ask for some.

Every 5 minutes at least one person came walking through the door. On the Friday morning we went, it wasn’t unbelievably packed, but it was definitely busy which should have been a given due to it’s desirable location. Since they serve brunch until 430pm I’m sure it fills up quickly as the day goes on.

Another fun fact about The Paramount is that it’s run by Colombians! We probably should have tried the Huevos Rancheros, but I guess there’s always next time. And the time after that.

Boston Chart House / Boston

This past Sunday Funday Findamazingfood-day was a bit more special than others. I was, and still am, in Boston to celebrate my sister’s 20th birthday! Her birthday was actually yesterday the 9th, but since we were raised believing our birthdays are very special and celebrate-able, it’s a week-long celebration.

I’ve been known to brag about my sister’s hobby of consuming quality steak, but no one believes it until they see her in action. For her first “party” we found ourselves some juicy meat.

So after our failed attempt at getting matching tattoos (a very sad story for another time.) we headed over to Long Wharf to visit the Boston Chart House, my sister’s pick for best steakhouse in Boston. We arrived around 5:30pm without a reservation, and were greeted by a 45 minute wait. But since we weren’t necessarily in need of the white table-cloth and candle light atmosphere, and we couldn’t take advantage of the harbor view due to the rain, we opted for sitting in the bar area right next to the TV. It’s football season after all!

Our waiter was very impressed when he brought us water and we quickly spit out our food order .  Two 10 oz prime ribs, Three 8 oz blue cheese Filet Mignon’s; four plates with mashed potatoes, mine with broccoli. Creamed spinach and sizzling mushrooms to share as sides, and to finish we ordered the Chart House signature dessert, Hot Chocolate Lava Cake, with a candle to sing happy birthday.

Since this meal was brought to us courtesy of my sister’s birthday she choose the most memorable part of the meal. She was particularly taken with the creamed spinach despite her Filet Mignon being “perfection”. In her words, “the creamed spinach was tremendously tasty and was uniquely topped with bread crumbs. Delish!”.

I would be lying if I said I would go there to celebrate my birthday next year, but to say the Boston Chart House ended my week perfectly and started my sister’s birthday fantastically would be a serious understatement.