Lamington Jaffles at Bad Frankie



You know that thing that happens when you’ve been dating someone for so long… You start to know them better than they know themselves, yea? Sure, Jack and I have only been together since 2011 but we’ve basically lived together since we met. There was no awkward dating, no playing games, no never-knowing-how-the-other-felt, we behaved obsessively in love from the get-go. I know Jack like I know every word to Eminem’s Curtain Call: The Hits album.

Contrary to my husband’s beliefs, his favorite dessert is the Australian classic, lamingtons. I’m 120% positive. His mouth waters at the sight of the square sponge cake covered in outer layer of chocolate sauce sprinkled in coconut flakes. We stop to purchase a lamington every single time we pass a bakery. He bought me The Common Sense Cookery Book so I could learn to make the tasty treats. And when I told him about the bar in Fitzroy that serves LAMINGTON JAFFLES he nearly peed his pants in excitement.

That small quaint bar goes by the name Bad Frankie and serves up a variety of seriously good jaffles using Phillippa’s Bakery bread(!)! Thing is, Bad Frankie offers so much more. It is also home to quality and boutique Australian spirits, which are shaken, mixed and delivered to your table in the form of a delicious cocktail.

I really love this place! The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, as is the staff. The interior design is unlike any other bar in the area and I know have a strong desire to paint my walls blue while swinging on ropes. Plus, I mean, what’s better than having drinks and jaffles?

Bad Frankie
141 Greeves St (near Smith St), Fitzroy VIC 3065
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday 3–11pm
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 3–1am
Monday – closed


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Lets go to Waiheke Island!

Visit Auckland

If you’re not into wine, delicious food, gorgeous views and friendly people then you can stop reading. I know that kind of thing isn’t for everyone.

If that is your thing then get yourself to Auckland, jump on a ferry from the Fullers terminal, wait 45 minutes and you’ll find yourself in a magical place called Waiheke Island.

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Postmasters in Arrowtown, New Zealand

New Zealand


New Zealand

Arrowtown is an incredible little gold-mining settlement about 20 minutes out of Queenstown. If you don’t have spare time while on the South Island, you should definitely plan to visit Arrowtown. It is beautiful and quaint and perfect. It’s a refuge from all the adventure and action sports Queenstown is so famous for. The focus here is on delicious food, strolling and relaxing – the perfect little toy-town where us humans can come together in total harmony and play. 

We did something scandalous though: We ate at the same restaurant three times in one day. Postmasters Restaurant is the most charming cottage on a street full of flirtatious little cottages. We took up residence on the front patio of the house to have wine and play cards, like we owned the place. (It was so easy to feel at home there.) We ended up staying for lunch via the Postmaster’s Platter: house smoked salmon, venison carpaccio, chicken liver pâté, Whitestone Brie, spiced nuts, marinated olives, fig chutney, homemade oat cakes, breads & dips .

Hours later, we were still there and just in time for dinner. So we feasted on the restaurant’s signature dish: Fiordland venison, which came medium rare with smoked mash, honey glazed parsnips, beetroot jam & red wine jus. One for each, please!

If Postmasters offered accommodation we would have canceled our plans and stayed forever.

54 Buckingham Street
Arrowtown, New Zealand

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Queenstown’s Walter Peak High Country Farm



A promise was made to my sister and my mom that sheep would be in abundance once we arrived in Queenstown. I was most excited to luge, but they were most excited to see sheep. So, I kept assuring them they would see more sheep than they knew what to do with.

Three days into our trip we had seen no sheep. Not even one!

On the fourth day, my family grew impatient. The trust was broken between us so they started asking around.

“Don’t lie to us. We’ve had a dud informant in the past”, they would say pointing at me standing approximately 5,003 feet behind them.
“Have YOU seen the sheep? ”
“Just, please, point us in the direction of where the sheep live?” my sister said, in desperation.
“Now!” my mom ordered, as she does. 

They interrogated the people of Queenstown as if they were filming True Detective season 3 (or Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3). Most people laughed at with them but, to my surprise, they came back with some good intel.

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