Breakfast Thieves

Breakfast Thieves is one of my top two favorite breakfast places in Melbourne. I thought I would just come right out and say it because I don’t you want you to mistake it for anything else.

You’ll find Breakfast Thieves in the bottom floor of a renovated warehouse on the corner of Gore Street in Fitzroy. It’s the one with the top to botton windows. I feel in love with the detail and simplicity of the decor straight away. They use a combination of wooden and white walls. Purple flowers in a silver vas and a loosely tied paper with the story behind the building adorn each table. Water and the menu were giving to me as I sat down. This is important because the water came in a very expensive looking old whiskey bottle, which I have put on Pinterest to replicate one day.

I ordered a strong cappuccino which came out almost immediately. It was the first time in Melbourne the coffee mug was not a standard brown, or black; it was bright blue. It’s the little things that do it for me. The coffee was so good I had to ask where it was from; the Social Roasting Company. I asked for a second.

I was craving french toast so I ordered the Pain Perdu. This is one of those plates you have to take a picture of because you will be showing it off to friends and they will ask for a visual: Thick, soft brioche topped with slow cooked caramelized apples, fresh strawberries and mascarpone cream and some pistachio nuts scattered throughout. There were colors, accented flavors and different textures, everything I think a french toast and pancakes should be.

It took me at least two bites to realize the mascarpone cream was not ice cream. It’s a cream made from cheese. I have never been as pleasantly surprised by a case of mistaken identity.

The Pain Perdu from Breakfast Thieves will be the the first meal  I have upon my arrival in Melbourne come November.

Breakfast Thieves420 Gore Street Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia