New York City

Photo Journal: New York City

New York City

New York City

“It’s so cold out right now, they’re saying we need to stay in doors”, Tiffany texted me last week, a warning message filled with obvious exaggeration. The next day it “felt like summer” and now snow is taking over the city and all of it’s inhabitants Instagram feed.

Does Tiffany update me about the weather in New York City every morning? Yes, she does but it’s only in the lead up to my arrival come end of March.

It won’t be hot and sweaty like last August, when I took the photos below. It will be cold, grey and wet –  like January 2014 when I swear I got frostbite on my big toes.

But I’ll seriously take New York City anyway I can get it.

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The Great Ocean Road Marathon 2016

I did it guys! I can finally cross out Run a Full Marathon from my General Life To-Do list.

Another big, sweaty, congratulations to the runners who took part in last weekend’s Great Ocean Road Marathon!

I was 21 when I first signed up to participate in a marathon. As a NYC inhabitant at the time I  signed up for the San Diego Marathon. Of course. I was young and naive and didn’t really know anything about the world, let alone anything about long distance running. I backed out of the race within a few months of training.

Fast forward to 2015: I had 4 half marathons under my belt and a husband that was willing to commit to being my Running Coach. Jack’s only qualification for being my running coach was that he felt comfortable telling me what to do and he’d know if I was lying about it. Half the battle with running is mental and excuses can creep in like parmesan on a carbonara.

I really couldn’t have done it without Jack making the planning of all it so easy. All I had to think about was running. Jack booked my spot, the accommodation, found me a running plan, made sure I had my bib and that I got to the start line.

He also met me at the 40k mark when I thought I was going to die and my legs were no longer obeying my outrageous demands to keep going. He snail paced the last 4k with me and I collapsed into his arms just after crossing the finish line. It really makes me appreciate this whole partnership thing. Life is so much easier when you have someone not only rooting for you but helping you.

I also need to mention the legend standing at the 30k mark with a bowl of (only!) red snake gummies who let me take handfuls and stuff them in my bra for later use. I was not prepared with a tiny back pack full of supplies like most of the other runners, and those sweaty, little, delicious snakes really did get help me make it over the finish line.

On to the next!

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Coffee date, because…

Luna the Border Collie

Luna the Border Collie

Shit has been going down lately! And by shit I mean dog poo, because Jack and I got a dog. We got a gorgeous little puppy called Luna. She’s a lilac and white border collie with cosmic blue eyes, and she is our best friend. She is 10 weeks at the moment and –talking like a true parent– is complete perfection, even when we wake up at 2am to take her out but she still pees inside, even when she accidentally bites us too hard and especially when she decides to eat the legs of our dining table for dinner and all my coffee-table books for dessert.

So life has been a bit crazy since we’re just figuring out life with a puppy, but we’re getting a hang of it now and adapting. I think all dog owners can agree: the best thing on earth is coming home to our girl. And is there a greater collective group of people than the dog owning community? We have made so many friends already and haven’t even visited a dog park yet.



Ilana and Abbi are on Marc Maron’s WTF. Listen! Listen!

I interrupt your regularly scheduled backpack lusting sesh so we can drool over this carry-on beauty.

I can’t decide whose part in this song in my favorite.

“Damn, Daniel!” explained.

Gilmore Girl fans, let us rejoice!

A story about how mom’s save the say.

OMG. This home. And it belongs to the owner of Catbird (the only jewelry store I’ve ever loved).

This is why the floor routine is still one of my favorite parts of the Olympics.

Imagine having this in your living room. YAS QUEENS.

Accommodation for your next NYC trip.

For those who say they don’t have time to read.

This on repeat to help us get through the week. (Such a good edit.)




Photo Journal: On Film






Have you listened to the  Tim Ferriss Podcast?

At the end of each interview, Tim asks his guest some “rapid fire questions”. One of those questions is, “What is the best thing you’ve bought under $100 recently?”. My favorite answer so far came from BJ Novak. He loves the ice at nice and fancy bars when he orders nice and fancy drinks. He went on amazon and bought a deep, extra-large ice cube tray for a few bucks. Now he makes himself fancy drinks at home! It’s the little things in life…

My answer would be: my canon film camera. I bought it from an old vintage shop somewhere between Potato Point and Sydney for a mere $8. It took the lenses from my Canon 7D and –because I am random– I was carrying a role of film with me. The camera wasn’t turning on but I really wanted it. The shop owner offered $2 off so I took a chance. Within hours I found batteries and the camera, now named Eric, came to life. 

It was without a doubt my best buy of 2015. What was yours?

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