The Great Ocean Road Marathon 2016

I did it guys! I can finally cross out Run a Full Marathon from my General Life To-Do list.

Another big, sweaty, congratulations to the runners who took part in last weekend’s Great Ocean Road Marathon!

I was 21 when I first signed up to participate in a marathon. As a NYC inhabitant at the time I  signed up for the San Diego Marathon. Of course. I was young and naive and didn’t really know anything about the world, let alone anything about long distance running. I backed out of the race within a few months of training.

Fast forward to 2015: I had 4 half marathons under my belt and a husband that was willing to commit to being my Running Coach. Jack’s only qualification for being my running coach was that he felt comfortable telling me what to do and he’d know if I was lying about it. Half the battle with running is mental and excuses can creep in like parmesan on a carbonara.

I really couldn’t have done it without Jack making the planning of all it so easy. All I had to think about was running. Jack booked my spot, the accommodation, found me a running plan, made sure I had my bib and that I got to the start line.

He also met me at the 40k mark when I thought I was going to die and my legs were no longer obeying my outrageous demands to keep going. He snail paced the last 4k with me and I collapsed into his arms just after crossing the finish line. It really makes me appreciate this whole partnership thing. Life is so much easier when you have someone not only rooting for you but helping you.

I also need to mention the legend standing at the 30k mark with a bowl of (only!) red snake gummies who let me take handfuls and stuff them in my bra for later use. I was not prepared with a tiny back pack full of supplies like most of the other runners, and those sweaty, little, delicious snakes really did get help me make it over the finish line.

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Coffee date, because…

It’s time we started locking in weekly coffee dates. I know we’re always like “lets go get pancakes” and “text me when you’re free” and “did you see what Kanye said?” but if I let another week go by without telling you about my new book I’ll cry.  Life happens too quickly and we have SO much to catch up on!

1. Have you heard about Anthony Bourdain’s new project?

2. I finished this book last week! Its really entertaining – it took me ages because I could only read it in daylight.

3. I wish I could do this to an avocado.

4. What does your breakfast say about you?

5. If you haven’t seen this comedy, you must! Now!

6. We watched Straight Outta Compton last weekend. It was so good. I can’t stop listening to this album. And I’m cursing way too much.

7. How incredible in his voice?

8. Jack and I took this punctuation quiz. I won!

9. Have you heard about this giveaway on Show+Tell? Thaz alotta cash money.

10. I wrote this article and took some photos for Really Melbourne. I’m way too excited for summer.

11. I signed up for the Melbourne Half Marathon on the 19th of October last week. I need to get on a serious running schedule, maybe I’ll borrow Jesinta’s. Are you doing it?



The best NYC date of all time.

New york city


Brooklyn bowling

The gutter

Brooklyn Bowling

New york city

New york city

New york city

New york city

Jack and I were married by one of our best friends, Jez. We chose him as our celebrant for a number of reasons but the main one being that, as a couple, he really knows us best.

Jez was there on the Monday night in Brooklyn when Jack and I met in 2011.
Two days later, he came on our first date.

He welcomed me with open arms when I moved to Australia.
And he acted as a witness to prove to immigration that our relationship was indeed real.

He shared an apartment with us in London during the Olympics.
And I loved being their third wheel.

He helped Jack cross “Do a Comedy Show” off his bucket list.
And he always lets me vent about my own hopes and dreams.

Jez is an incredibly creative, thoughtful and inspiring human whose positive spirit is contagious and admirable. I’m so lucky that he’s my best friend’s best friend.

While Jack and I went on our 5 month honeymoon, Jez went on his own 5 month trip. Our adventures only overlapped once. In New York City. There, he gave us our wedding present: a recreation of our first date – just the three of us.

I don’t want to say that this is the world’s best New York City date or anything. But, I mean, look at what’s followed.

The Date:
In 2011 we went to McCarren Park to watch Wayne’s World as part of SummerScreen.
In 2015 we went to McCareen Park and reminisced about the good times until we got too cold

In 2011 we went straight to eat.
In 2015 we bowled at The Gutter and ate at Tacombi.

In 2011 we played ping pong at SPiN.
in 2015 I beat everyone in ping pong at SPiN.

In 2011 the night ended too quickly and I just hoped they both had as much fun as I did.
In 2015 the night didn’t end. We walked uptown together and talked about how fast time goes by.

Drink-checks for all!


Last week, on behalf of, I got the chance to see an incredible show at the Melbourne Recital Centre called My Latin Heart. The Grigoryan Brothers and José Carbó were outstanding. If you ever have a chance to see the Grigoryan Brothers play music, take it. They are masters of both rhythm and humour – you can read the recap here.

Unfortunately, this is not a story about the show; This is about intermissions. And it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that whoever thought 10 minutes was long enough for them was crazy. There is no way to scramble out of the theatre, pee, wash AND dry hands, line up at the bar, order a drink, pay for it, finish it like a normal person and get back to your seat in just 10 minutes.

Other people must feel the same because I wasn’t the only one trying to sneak my drink back into the theatre. A herd of us were denied at once. As the warning sounds signalling it was time to get back to our seats got louder, my fellow audience members began chugging their drinks. I was unable to join them due to a red wine incident in high school, which I rather not talk about.

So, going against everything my mom taught in regards to leaving drinks unattended, we left our wines on the floor in a hidden corner next to a theatre door. There were risks with the plan, of course. Would theatre staff clear the glasses as they cleaned the area? Would someone drug and kidnap us? Or, worst of all, would someone accidentally knock the glasses over and spill our precious wine?

After an encore and a standing ovation, we ran out to find our wines safe. We got lucky. The Recital Centre’s bar had closed and we were the only ones in the theatre with drinks after the show. We finished them in lobby while making grand plans to finally book in for guitar lessons.

Our story had a happy ending, yes, but that’s not always the case. Something needs to be done about short intermissions, and quick.

Maybe the solution is as simple as a coat-check for drinks. I know, it’s a genius idea!