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Coffee date, because…

1. Have you heard Ryan Adams cover this album? So good!

2. Love craft beer? This website can help you find your favorites around Melbourne just in time for Summer!

3. Would you drink beer that tastes like pop-tarts?

4. Almost Famous has always been my favorite movie, this article hit home with me.

5. I’ve recently got into this podcast. I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

6. Tina Fey, My hero and the person my laptop is named after, may be coming out with new show. In the meantime, does any one know when The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comes back?

7. Guys, not all Spanish accents are the same!

8. Have you seen this list of scary movies to watch leading up to Halloween? Watching 31 scary movies in a row is my worst nightmare.

9. I just reread this book on writing. I’m obsessed with it.

10. I interviewed the amazing Katie Wilton, food photographer extraordinaire, for Smudge Eats. Read it here.

11. Do you know about this magical little town in Holland? I want to go!

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Coffee date, because…

It’s time we started locking in weekly coffee dates. I know we’re always like “lets go get pancakes” and “text me when you’re free” and “did you see what Kanye said?” but if I let another week go by without telling you about my new book I’ll cry.  Life happens too quickly and we have SO much to catch up on!

1. Have you heard about Anthony Bourdain’s new project?

2. I finished this book last week! Its really entertaining – it took me ages because I could only read it in daylight.

3. I wish I could do this to an avocado.

4. What does your breakfast say about you?

5. If you haven’t seen this comedy, you must! Now!

6. We watched Straight Outta Compton last weekend. It was so good. I can’t stop listening to this album. And I’m cursing way too much.

7. How incredible in his voice?

8. Jack and I took this punctuation quiz. I won!

9. Have you heard about this giveaway on Show+Tell? Thaz alotta cash money.

10. I wrote this article and took some photos for Really Melbourne. I’m way too excited for summer.

11. I signed up for the Melbourne Half Marathon on the 19th of October last week. I need to get on a serious running schedule, maybe I’ll borrow Jesinta’s. Are you doing it?