New Zealand

Coffee date, because…

I’ve been so busy lately – I haven’t been answering calls, texts, email or letters. Forgive me. My family came over from the US for a few weeks so we could celebrate Thanksgiving and, finally, visit New Zealand(!!). But now I’m back with a vengeance and I can’t wait to catch up.

I’m up to date with this show and would really love for Season 6 to come out now.

The Dressmaker made me want to change my closet.

Now, this is a great sponsorship idea.


These girls are so funny.

Gorilla sales sky rocket after latest gorilla attack, The Onion reports. 

Currently watching Nashville. I’m obsessed and I don’t care who knows it.

If Amy and Tina say we can watch both then #wecanwatchboth.

Recently went to this restaurant and bloody LOVED it.

My dream Christmas present, please!

Snow is coming. 

I’ve started listening to this podcast. Try the episode called “How To Be Batman”.

St. Kilda

Coffee date, because

Life has been getting real complicated lately. The other day I overheard someone ask for an extra hot weak latte with soy milk.  When the waitress turned to put his order into the computer he grabbed her arm, looked at her with crazy eyes and said, “I mean it, I WANT IT REAL HOT”. The next day a girl asked for lemon to be added to her coffee – I almost flipped the table in a rage. But I’ll give the world the benefit of the doubt and say all that nonsense was due to the Halloween and Spring Carnival nonsense.

Guys, “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy” (and it does not disappoint).

Can we talk about this song and how cool Emma Stone is?

Adele is back.

This campaign makes me blush.

Bro, bro, bro. BROOOO.

A standing ovation for Ariana Grande!

I’m on the fence about this.

I can’t wait to see more footage from this race.

too much food, too little people who care on my personal page.

Worked out here this past weekend and LOVED IT. Book in!

Are you going to Taste of Melbourne?



coffee date becausee_

Coffee Date, Because

Coffee is getting more expensive every day. I blink and the price of my strong flat white has gone up 20 cents. It’s not a bad thing; It’s just surprising. It definitely makes me value these coffee dates of ours more. I remember when N. Lee Bakery, Jack and I’s worst kept secret, raised food and drink prices. They put the sweetest note on the cash register explaining why. I was like, “Omg. Of course! Why wouldn’t you!” Just goes to show how important communication is. Anyway, have you heard…

… the story about the two whales, the drone and the paddle boarder? Incredible footage!

This photography series is so creepy because it’s so true.

I’ve been saying this ever since our visit to Alcatraz.

You will not believe how cheap airline tickets will be with Norwegian Airlines in 2017.

Will you be buying this champagne bong?

No matter what you believe, you can’t deny how incredible these images are.

This commercial made me cry. I’m such a sucker.

If they came to Melbourne, 13826428% be going.

But! I would fly to the ends of the Earth to go to this show.

I would love to experience this festival.

She was just named the sexiest woman alive and I totally agree.

Classpass in now available in Melbourne. #letusrejoice

grandcanyon-37 copy

Coffee date, because…

1. Have you heard Ryan Adams cover this album? So good!

2. Love craft beer? This website can help you find your favorites around Melbourne just in time for Summer!

3. Would you drink beer that tastes like pop-tarts?

4. Almost Famous has always been my favorite movie, this article hit home with me.

5. I’ve recently got into this podcast. I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

6. Tina Fey, My hero and the person my laptop is named after, may be coming out with new show. In the meantime, does any one know when The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comes back?

7. Guys, not all Spanish accents are the same!

8. Have you seen this list of scary movies to watch leading up to Halloween? Watching 31 scary movies in a row is my worst nightmare.

9. I just reread this book on writing. I’m obsessed with it.

10. I interviewed the amazing Katie Wilton, food photographer extraordinaire, for Smudge Eats. Read it here.

11. Do you know about this magical little town in Holland? I want to go!