Catching up over a meal.

If you’ve been to Seasons 52 and remember your meal then I’m very jealous of you.

Seasons 52 is one of those restaurants I was intimidated by during high school. At the time it seemed really grown up and mature, almost like the restaurant version of a cool older sister who was elegant and popular without even trying. In this scenario I would be the dorky younger sister who didn’t have the guts to ask her sister for a ride to school with her and her pretty friends. You know what I mean?

It’s been a long time since high school though and still have yet to visit Season’s 52. But because I’m older and staying in the same room at my parents house during my visit I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that drew me there.

This story isn’t about Seasons 52 though (I wish it were), this story is about how after a year of not seeing one of my best friends in the world, Sara, I suggested we catch up over dinner at Season’s 52. Not only did Sara and I have tons to catch up on, her new boyfriend who I’d never met was coming, and her parents whom I adore! Choosing a restaurant I wanted to visit for the actual food was a terrible decision.

I could not tell you what I ordered, how my food was, which dessert I ate or what the bathrooms looked like. All I remember is yapping away like a maniac and being too excited to pay attention to the lovely waitress explaining their seasonal menu and promising that nothing on the menu is over 475 calories (I only know those two facts because I cheated and looked them up). I can’t even say if Season’s 52 met those expectations I’ve held since high school. It’s probably best I never know.

I just want you to mark my words when I say that I will never again suggest a restaurant I have not been to when catching up with friends. From now on all my catching up will done over homemade dishes, or restaurants both the catcher upper and I have been to.

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