Burger or Lobster or Both.

Sometimes you want a burger and sometimes you feel like lobster, but other times you can go to a place called Burger & Lobster and take your time to decide.

I love Burger and Lobster, in SoHo, London, for their no bullshit attitude. If you haven’t put it together by now, they only offer two food options: a burger or  lobster. I still asked for a menu; I’m not very good at math. The waitress laughed, No, no, no you silly, clueless girl, she said while petting my head in a maternal like fashion. Okay, I’m exaggerating. She just laughed a little, then explained.

The deal is that for 20 pounds you can order a lobster, a burger or a lobster roll. All 3 meals are accompanied by a side of french fries, salad and garlic/butter sauce. It’s basically the equivalent of finding out there is a Six Flags in heaven, after you’re accepted in.

Another option if you’re entire party wants lobster is to choose from a variety of lobster sizes sold by pound. That option comes with unlimited french fries and unlimited salad. It felt like I had hit the jackpot, but in reality none of us finished our first round of sides.

I didn’t try the burger, but I do have at least 5 eye witness accounts of me going nuts over the lobster. It’s hard for me to judge lobster, since I was raised in Florida, but I can without a doubt say it wins “Most Fun Food”. I get in deep no matter the costs; I scoop, scrap, suck, hammer, rip and crack. I feel powerful and in control. Our waitress spotted me eating like a 3 year old, came over and said “she knows what she’s going” to my boyfriend. It was one of my proudest moments.

I do have to admit I really liked the lobster roll as well. The grilled and buttered roll it came with was a winning touch. But because I love the appearance of food and a little bang for my buck I’d probably stick with a whole lobster.

I say, don’t just pick one meal. Get two! Share! They will split anything perfectly in half for you. Have a party! I mean, you get a bib for goodness sake.

Burger and Lobster 

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