Brother Burger and The Marvelous Brew / Fitzroy

Brother Burger

Brother Burger

There’s a saying I read once in an old book I picked up from a second hand shop, “If thee word Burger appears in the title of an eatery, well then that is what thou shalt eat.”

I highlighted and underlined it and have, from that very moment, followed it’s instruction. It makes sense, think of Huxtaburger, Andrew’s Burgers, and Queenstown’s Fergburger.

Having gone to Brother Burger in Fitzroy a few times now I followed that same model. Even though the menu is large, I always went for their delicious burgers. The Hot Stuff, the Royal Blue, the Oh, Brother – I’ve tried probably too many.

But! if I’ve learnt anything from being in a relationship it’s that both partners wont always be in the mood for the same meal. Jack was craving a burger, I could not think of anything worse (now I could. there are definitely worse things than a burger. Wet hair for instance). Alas, we thought of Brother Burger and the Marvelous Brew. A modern day diner fitted out with recycled furniture and an always fun atmosphere. I was nervous to break the rules but you know what? I had a marvelous meal! The herb and garlic sirloin steak sandwich (Comes with toasted sourdough, bacon, sautéed field mushrooms, pickled onion & mustard mayo) was incredible and gave burger joints a whole new meaning for me.

The only sad part about all of this is that I might never go back to the burgers again. I’ve got my eye on the chicken wings on the specials menu! And the chips – always those beautiful skinny chips. Oh, and a beer. I’m pretty sure it’s compulsory to have a beer with your meal at Brother Burger and the Marvelous Brew. It’s in the name of the eatery after all.

Brother Burger and the Marvelous Brew
413 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Sun-Thurs midday – 10pm
Fri – Sat midday – 11pm

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