Breakfast Date to Heaven


If you want to know what type of mattress you’ll be given when you get to the golden gates to heaven (that’s what happens, right?) then head to Proud Mary in Collingwood and order the hot ricotta cakes.

Okay. No, we can’t really confirm that’s what you’ll find when you get there but I’m about 100% sure.

This plate of hot ricotta cakes is perfect. It’s fluffy and soft and warm. I just wanted to shrink myself to honey-i-shrunk-the-kids size and rest in it all night. The caramelized peaches would act as my pillow and the rose mascarpone as my sheets. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE mascarpone?

When I wake up every morning all I had to do is turn on my belly and breakfast will be served. Brilliant! I’m not sure how they do it, but the syrup is soaked into the hot ricotto cakes just enough that you don’t feel like adding any, but you’re definitely not drowning in it either.

And even though I don’t know much about coffee, I know that it’s delicious at Proud Mary. I know not because it says they serve specialty coffee on their website, or because I’ve watched this video, or because I’ve read it in every online magazine and coffee guide book (I have. See: The Coffee Guide Melbourne 2013 4th edition. Page 99.), but because when the lovely waitress took my flat white away from me even though there was one small, cold sip left I got a little bit sad inside.

You could say that cup of coffee was like the hot tub – jets included –  that will be located right next to my hot-ricotta-cakes-mattress.  Because a bed and a hot tub are two of the three features every room in heaven has. The third is a closet filled with beanies, seeing glasses ans boots.


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