Better Coffee Lids For All!

Balzathar Bakery

Take away coffee. Coffee to-go. Two terms used by two different countries meaning the exact same thing. That we are so desperate for a taste of the stuff we would rather take the chance of spilling it all over ourselves than make the time to sit. It always happens to me. Whether I’m running to catch the train, speed walking to work or casually strolling the streets with friends (looking suspicious as I stop every few steps to take small sips), it always ends up on me, not in me.

It’s all a bit silly I must admit; silly, but completely necessary. That’s why everyone should follow in the steps of Balthazar Bakery in NYC, they offer the only coffee lid/mug that is on the side of human beings. The lid has a piece of plastic built into it that slides from right to left over the hole used for sipping. We all still need to be careful, of course, but it’s genius! Balthazar never wants me to look like an idiot walking into work with coffee stains all down my white t-shirt, and I really appreciate it. No, no, even the Easter Bunny knows those green coffee stopper things at Starbucks don’t work. What a silly invention that was.

Of course the coffee lid isn’t the only thing that attracts me to Balthazar Bakery. The actual coffee has always been truly satisfying and I loved the way the baked goods you have to line up next to would wake my five senses in the morning. It always looks and smells so beautiful in that small, take-away bakery quietly sitting next to it’s older brother, the large, extravagant French restaurant, Balthazar.

I used to stop by Balthazar on my way to work almost every day. Leaving from the East Village, walking down the still-sleepy Broadway St. in SoHo then turning onto Spring  St. to see that fancy red awning swaying in the wind was always a treat.

All small scale bakeries should strive to have the qualities of Balthazar Bakery, if not – at the very least – they should steal their coffee lids and let us all drink our take away coffee in peace.

Balthazar Bakery 
80 Spring Street, corner of Crosby St, NYC


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