Best Dish (x 2): Chiara with a Flour-less Lindt Chocolate Cake

lindt chocolate cake lindt chocolate

Since the Best Dish has been gone from the blog for a few weeks I thought I would bring it back with a vengeance. Two in one. Okay, no. I don’t have two separate recipes for you because of my feelings of nostalgia or regret. I have two recipes because the baker is such a good one I couldn’t choose which cake I wanted to feature. She suggested we do them both because they are “easy as”.

Said baker is Chiara, my wonderful work and real life friend. I feel very lucky that the desk work choose for me is next to hers. I can turn around and say all sorts of weird and inappropriate things without being judged. When I say baker I don’t mean that I just think she’s good at baking so I simply gave her the title. I mean all of us at work unanimously love her baking, gave her the title of baker and demand that she bring in a tasty surprise for us to selfishly enjoy every Friday. And let me tell you, she is good. Not just good like oh this person baked today, we’ll have it after lunch, she is good like rush up the stairs as soon as you get into work, spot the cake in the kitchen, and accidentally steal a piece for breakfast. Most of the time someone has gotten to it before me.

Chiara kindly suggested we do the two cakes that are asked for the most. First up is her Flour-less Lidnt Chocolate Cake. The second comes tomorrow. Ta ta taaaaaaa.

Flour-less Lindt Chocolate Cake

a very quick 15 minute prep and about an hour to bake. (But check it at 45 minutes) 

2 blocks of Lindt chocolate – 200g

200g of butter

6 eggs – separated

1 cup of castor sugar

baking paper

1 round baking dish, set with baking paper

a spatula

a kitchen aid

a standard electric mixer

very important side note: a very sparkly white kitchen aid and a Cuisinart mixer were used in the making of this cake. If you do not have these tools it may be harder. If you find it nearly impossible you are then in my boat and I welcome you. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is turn your oven to 180 degrees.

Then melt the 2 blocks of Lindt chocolate with the 200 grams of butter in a glass bowl over boiling water. Chiara called it the “double boiler”. Leave it for a while until it’s all melted.

chocolate double boiler

Separate 6 eggs into two bowls, one with yolk and one with the egg whites*

Add 1 cup of castor sugar in with the egg yolk, or in layman terms, the yellow stuff. Then turn on of your kitchen aid and mix on slow (chiara had it on level 4). If you, like me, have no kitchen aid use a mixer. If you have no mixer, use your hand and whisk as fast as possible.

kitchen aid

Butter your baking pan, including the edges as you wait. Cut and use baking paper to place at the bottom of the pan and on the sides. Your cake will look cleaner, therefore prettier, therefore more professional.

Always check on your kitchen aid, it should be about 3 minutes before it’s ready. Mix the egg whites with your mixer until it becomes stiff. Then leave it.

egg white mixing

Go back to the chocolate now. Use butter on chocolate to try and get it all off the edges. The original recipe, which Chiara disregarded years ago, said you must let the chocolate sit for approximately 20 minutes without heat but she never does. She mixes it straight away and we follow.

Then the melted chocolate goes into the yolk with sugar.  Blend it quickly and make sure to scrape from the bottom as well. Move the chocolate around until all contents start to look dark. Take half the egg white mixture and fold it in.

Folding is a thing some people take very seriously but all you need to do is slowly move your spatula from the bottom up in gentle movement. You never want to beat the mixture at this stage. You probably know all this, what am I talking about.

Take remaining egg white mixture and fold it in again.

You know you’ve folded it properly when it is all dark. Then you’ll slowly pour it into your already prepared baking dish, the one with the baking paper, and put it in the oven. And that’s it!

chocolate cake

In about 45 minutes check the oven, the cake should have risen to be very tall. You should be very proud. If it has, take it out and leave it as is to set. It will shrink down to normal size but you should still be proud and love it to bits.

By now, it should smell wonderful and smell up the house real nice, way nicer than my beloved Be Enlightened chocolate scented candle ever would.

chocolate cake

*fun fact: I just learned the eggs white’s fancy name is albumen. weird.

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