Best Dish: Jo!


Meet Jo! I look up to Jo. She’s greek, a super hot mama, an amazing friend to everyone we both know, and someone I love learning from. She is my Supervisor – officially – , but I love her so much I can’t bring myself to use such a boring word when referring to her! The best part is she’s an amazing cook and the person we all turn to at work when we’re in need of a little dinner inspiration! oh, and did I mention she’s greek? I did? Good, because she is and that means she knows how to make all sorts of delicious, enchanting greek goodies!

When Jo first told me her Best Dish was SLOW ROASTED GREEK LAMB SHOULDER (ahhh!!) I thought it might not be a good fit for this column.  It sounded too classy, too professional for what I’m trying to do here. But she swore up and down that it was easy, breezy  beautiful cover girl and, because I love Jo, I trusted her.

She was having family over last Saturday and we both thought it was the perfect time to document it all. And perfect it was! Look at that lamb! Who needs Hellenic Republic when you’ve got a  boss lady that can cook like Jo? …. (this was meant to be a rhetorical question, but the answer is probably everyone. Some times you’re really tired and don’t want to do dishes.)

Okay, here we go!



First you’ll need to find a weekend when you dedicate 4 1/2 hours to making this baby. Second you’ll need to have lamb shoulder, 2 lemons, 1 garlic bulb (separate 3 garlic cloves out of the bulb, unpeeled), rosemary, oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper on hand. You’ll also need clean hands, an oven proof dish, baking paper and aluminum foil.

Please turn your oven to 170 degrees. Now, to start make a layer of garlic cloves at the bottom of the dish, then place your lamb shoulder on top. Try to space out as evenly as possible. Then salt and pepper, as appropriate to your, and your families liking. Drizzle olive oil on top. Add in the rosemary and oregano.

Form small holes into the lamb and stab the garlic cloves in. Cut your lemons into quarters, squeeze some of their juice on top, and find a place for them within the lamb shoulder. Yes! It’s all happening now. You’re basically done!

Now, wrap the lamb shoulder in baking paper, place them back in the dish and cover with aluminum foil. Then slide the baking dish into the oven, pour yourself some red wine and catch up with friends.

Every time you get a whiff of lamb you should check it. You want it to stay in there for about 4 1/2 hours though so don’t worry too much, it’s probably fine. You know me, I don’t trust ovens. Fast forward all those short hours and BEEEEEEP it’s all done! Your dish should smell like heaven? Oh, you don’t know what that smells like? Well, now you do! Take the aluminum foil and baking paper off. I would dip each piece of lamb in that juicy, flavory sauce at the bottom of the dish while cutting them apart, but that’s just me. I’m an animal.

Serve separated and with newly quatered lemons to be crowned the belle of the ball!


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