Best Dish: Hyatt!

DSC_0055Meet my friend Hyatt! Hyatt is awesome, she’s a one of a kind girl who can make you laugh hysterically and think deeply  from the same question. That question is usually something like, “If you were an animal, which do you think you’d be.” Then she’d add something like, “I’m talking about personality, not looks.”

I’m telling you, she’s a pretty cool chic. One thing she’s not good at though is cooking. I’m not being mean, I swear. She gave me permission to say that. What I believe though is that no matter how bad you think you are at cooking there is that one meal, that favorite home made meal – the one you make for yourself when no one is around and you want to relax – that we all know is the best, our best. I asked Hyatt to show me how to make hers.

Hyatt’s best meal doesn’t have a name. It’s “a salmon thing a friends mom made once.” She tried it, and love it, and hasn’t stopped making it since. This meal takes 15 minutes tops and is the kind of lunch/dinner you can customize to accommodate whatever vegetables you have in the fridge.

Okay here goes:

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The most important thing you’ll need is very fresh salmon* (skin on or off – I like on), anchovies in oil, 1 lemon, 3 mushrooms, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, and soy sauce.

Put the pan on medium heat, add olive oil to the pan, and leave salmon to simmer. Okay, this is the tricky park. Hyatt cooks both sides for of the fillet for 2 minutes. She likes the outside to look cooked, but the inside raw as sunset colors. So, if you are deathly afraid of eating raw salmon (Hyatts question to you is: don’t you eat raw salmon in sushi) then leave yours in for longer.

During those 4 minutes, you should be chopping up everything that needs to be chopped: mostly in this case it was mushrooms. Easy! The lemon was also chopped into four wedges (I for some reason loved this!)

About 30 seconds before the salmon is ready, add two pieces of anchovy per salmon fillet. I can always eat more anchovies, but newbies should start with one (This is why we haven’t salted the salmon). Once the 30 seconds are over take everything out.

Re-olive oil your pan a bit. Keep it on simmer and add in your mushrooms, along with the wedges of lemon. Wait until the mushrooms are browning a bit and add your cherry tomatoes. You should be getting a delicious smelling juice by this stage. Leave it until YOU think it’s ready. If Hyatt wanted us to take anything away from this it’s that the person cooking is boss. Most of this recipe, if not all, is cook to your liking.

Finally add in the your baby spinach. This should be the last thing you do. Only leave it in there for 20 seconds. As you know, because you are a fantastic cook who does not need someone like me to tell them, spinach shrivels up very quickly.

And, TADA! You’re done.

TO SERVE: lay a beautiful plate of your veggies down first. Yes it will be juicy, and you’ll want some juice so use a deep dish or a bowl if you’re serving for one. Then place the Salmon on top. At this point everyone gets their own lemon wedge. Genius! And finally the soy sauce somes into play, and once again, add it to your liking. You don’t have to add salt, but you can pepper now, definitely pepper. I selfishly added fetta cheese on our salmon. I know it was wrong to push my fetta fascination on to Hyatt’s best dish, but it tasted too good to feel bad about it.

If you ever try this meal, please let me know! Hyatt and I are dying to know how it went!

*I say very fresh salmon because Hyatt likes it Raw! Raw? Yes, raw. I was a little bit scared at first too but bare with me.


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