Best Dish: Me!

380019_2695338180487_1664138117_nI miss my family. It’s plain and simple. No matter how great my life is going here in Australia, and it is, there will always be a dark cloud hanging around. The ugly cloud is never right over my head and it’s never letting rain drops fall, it just stays off to the side but completely visible.

I finally feel like a I got it together here and I am more in love than ever, but every time I am waiting for the train on my way home from work I go to call my mom or dad and can’t. That’s when I’m reminded that I’m very literally on the other side of the world and it’s the middle of the night on their side. Then I think my sister may be up because she’s still in school and a bit of a party animal these days, but that never works out either. And my brother is just simply not a talk on the phone person type of person.

On those walks home, when I’m feeling a little bit wrong I know exactly what I’ll make for dinner: my favorite pasta of all time, my best dish!  Nothing comforts me more than my broccoli, anchovy and garlic pasta. It may have something to do with the fact that I learned it from my mom who got it from dad’s aunt, or it may have something to do with the fact it’s just a warm dish that fills my belly and makes me feel nice, but whatever it is it cetainly gets the job done. A bowl of this pasta can cure anything for me so I’m sharing it with you.


Best Dish: Broccoli, Anchovy and Garlic Pasta

This serves one person who would eat the leftovers of the meal straight away.

What You Need: Pasta (The type depends on how you’re feeling), 3 cloves of chopped up garlic (I like garlic), 1 large head of broccoli, Olive oil, anchovies in olive oil, salt and pepper, parmesan cheese. Yummmm!


Set 1 pot and 1 deep pan with water to boil, add salt and olive oil. While they boil chop up the broccoli heads to the size of an 50 cent coin.

Add pasta into the pot, and broccoli into the deep pan

Chop the garlic; I like mine big. When the broccoli is done (usually when you’dre done chopping) put it straight into your colander, and then put the garlic to simmer in olive oil on that same pan. Set it on ridiculously low heat and make sure to move the garlic around. Do not leave the garlic on it’s own, it will burn and you will be sad.

Keep draining as much water out of the broccoli was possible. You want them to be very dry before using them again. Then pour them on the same pan with the garlic and mix. Straight after open up the bottle of anchovies and pour some of the olive oil on and around the brocolli. This is probably my favorite part; I have no idea why.

Drain the pasta using the same colander as the one for the broccoli (less dishes); mix in the deep pan with the broccoli and garlic. Then add in anchovies to your liking. I like to chop up the anchovies into littel bits so I get a little in every bite. The amount of parmesan is up to you but I find the more spread out it is the better, therefore I add some, mix the pasta, then add some more.


The best thing about this plate is you can shift it according to mood. Say you’re feeling healthy, you just make less wheat bowtie pasta and more broccolli. Say you’re feeling real homesick and down, just make loads of white spaghetti and add a weird amount of  parmesan cheese. The key ingredient though is the anchovies. Now, I politely ask you to change that grossed out look on your face. If no one told you there was anchovies in it, you’d never know!

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    Not True!! You can call your brother at anytime, and I’m not a “party animal” as our sister may be, but i am up late US time so you can call me if you need me :):):)

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