Be Involved in a Mosh Pit. Check! Fall in Love at First Song. Check!

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Mom, I was involved in a mosh pit! And since you probably don’t know what a mosh pit is let me explain…

Jack and I went to see the Dropkick Murphys (one of Jack’s favorite bands) with his cousin, Pete, and his younger sister, Meg. If you click on the link above and listen to one of their most popular songs you’d realize the sings are loud, tough, and make you want to move around in a very violent way. A mosh pit is something that occurs when people (usually of the male gender, but not always) hear this type of music in an open plan venue and strong emoting arise in them; so much emotion in fact they fester a need to move. Usually the long haired, or shave headed males proceed to push others into, well, others, violently ram themselves into strangers, and cause a ruckus.  It’s both fun and intimidating to watch. It’s mayhem.

Mama, I know you’d even be worried about Jack going in there himself, but Jack is an expert. He lives for the stuff, and when I saw him all sweaty, pushing forward an even sweatier fat man with pink hair I couldn’t resist the temptation. HAHAHA! YEA, RIGHT! I definitely resisted. It wasn’t until I saw Pete throwing elbows and Meg holding her own against a punk wearing a shirt with curse words all over it that I gave in. Ah, what the hell! What’s the worst that could happen? Oh, yea. I get pushed too hard, fall on the ground, and get stampede on.

I’m proud to say those things didn’t happen and I survived. My hair went from fabulous to frizzy in 0.2 seconds, my face was resting on the upper back of the sweatiest, strangely kind man for a total of 2 songs, and I have bruises all over the top of my feet, but I did survive. All I have to say is thank goodness we didn’t have dinner before hand. And while I’m definitely not eager to book another punk rock, mosh pit inducing concert this week I did enjoy the fight a little bit. I got to channel my inner Katniss. Next time I’ll just go prepared; I’ll leave my purse at home, wear a sumo wrestler suit and bring my bow and arrow. Uh oh, mama. Did you hear that? I said NEXT TIME.

Before this post ends though I REALLY need to get something off my chest. Actually, I need to get it from under my chest, inside my body and deliver it straight from my heart: I’m completely and totally infatuated with FRANK TURNER at the moment. He opened for the Dropkick Murphys and stole my heart. He melts it every time I hear his voice. I’ve only has this connection with one other band ever (my beloved Avett Brothers), but it was really love at first song.


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    I am so confused! Please help. Call me urgently. I need explanation of what you wrote.
    I am here in Fort Lauderdale, in my office, by myself watching these videos and I am even more confused. Please call me ASAP

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    I am so confused. Help! Call me. I need explanation of what you wrote.
    I am here in Fort Lauderdale, in my office by my self watching these videos and reading this
    for the second time and I am even more confused. What were you doing there??????
    Call me ASAP

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