Back Bar’s Cocktail Mixing Class

Cocktail Mixing Class

Cocktail Mixing Class

Cocktail Mixing Class

I wrote about Back Back’s Cocktail Mixing class I did with Smudge Eats because it was silly, and fun, and really good value, and delicious. I made three fancy drinks with my bare hands and never felt so crafty (and tipsy). I plan on going again soon to celebrate the start of summer! Anyone want to join?

You can read the full story at Smudge Eats , complete with a video and photos, or just click though below!

Back Bar
Cocktail Mixing Class
67 Green Street, Windsor, VIC
(03) 9529-7899

“It’s five o’clock somewhere” is something you hear a lot, but at Smudge we like to say, “It’s a learning experience, so drink up.” It’s no surprise this month’s field trip took us to Back Bar in Prahran for a cocktail mixing class.

The vintage fit-out of Back Bar set the mood for the next few hours: a fun, fancy and educational affair. Without any cocktail making experience under our belt we were still confident we would leave the class feeling like pros. Or maybe that confidence came from the welcome drink we received upon arrival.

Our personal mixologist was Russell, who had the pleasure of caring for our large and rowdy group. Not only did he provide us with a delicious antipesto and cheese platter, he also led the interactive two and half-hour class with poise, knowledge and personal insight.

Back Bar provides all necessary ingredients and equipment for the day; all we needed to bring was enthusiasm, a positive attitude and a desire to drink. A cocktail is a meticulous, petty thing though. Concentration must be kept, timing must be precise, seasoning must be added and sweat must be shed. Only then can a drink be perfected.

During the afternoon we learned to make three cocktails.

The first cocktail was the sophisticated cosmopolitan. With many fans of Sex and the City it was surprising that no one in the room actually knew what the legendary and utterly delicious drink was made with. We quickly learned two things. The first was that cosmopolitans are pretty easy to make. The second was that we wouldn’t be required to clean.

We used all the equipment and made a bit of a mess, but our only responsibility after completing the perfect cosmopolitan was to sit and enjoy our creations. Meanwhile, Russell cleared and set up the station for the following cocktail.

Next, we took on the orange mojito. As we all know, the fun in making a mojito comes in “spanking the mint”, a crucial step in the process. The only problem was that it went down smooth and too quickly. And we were ready for the final cocktail in no time.

The espresso martini was our last cocktail, and an office favourite. In this part of class we managed to fit in some exercise – shaking the ingredients forcefully and thoroughly is key. Russell inspired us by taking a crowd request and blasting Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’.

Things got a bit silly but that’s okay. We must remember that learning should always be fun.

This class may not the right place to kick-start a bartending career but it does provide a magnificent setting for a classy and outstandingly fun experience. You’ll leave the class with cocktail making skills, new dance moves and an aroma of lemon, mint and coffee.

You can book in for Back Bar’s cocktail making class privately for groups of 10 or more on Saturdays and for a minimum of seven people any other day of week. Groups are welcome to stick around and continue the night at Back Bar once you’ve finished glass – I mean class. Whoops, must have had one too many!

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