Australian Thanksgiving Round 1

This may or may not have been the first Thanksgiving in all of Australia but by turkey and wine it was the best one. And I say that with enough confidence to speak freely on behalf of every Australian, or at least the 15 I know personally.

This holiday is all about being thankful, and I truly cannot express, not even in the words I’m typing, how thankful  I am for the company I had. Without them I would have been a sad and hungry girl for at least 24 hours of last week.

Everything, food and costumes included, came together almost too nicely. And that’s mostly all thanks to Jill, the beautiful lady below who was MVP in making all of this happen. Second to her came MC, who by a stroke of amazing friendship came early and delivered some of the most popular dishes on the table.

After a day filled with math and measuring and following instructions came enticing aromas, red wine, a string of thank you notes, feminist outbursts and peace between pilgrims and indians alike. If there is anything to learn from planning/cooking this thanksgiving feast it’s this:

1) Have Planet Earth available for viewing by every male in attendance.

2) Always invite a friend who looks like Pocahontas and can help finish dressing a banoffee pie.

3) Make sure at least one friend is fully covered in blue so they can touch nothing except the camera all day long.

4) No matter what the magazine recipes demand you cook everything in the oven at the same temperature.

5) A 3.2 kilo turkey CAN feed 12 people with meat to spare.

6) No one fictional Indian tribe is better than any other. Except for pilgrims.

7) Surprisingly to me, dressing and spinach puffs are an all around favorite.

8) “Don’t do it Meg, you’re a feminist” is not a advice you often hear on Thanksgiving when asked, from one lady to another, to get more forks on the table, but it really gets a laugh.

9) Wearing an apron makes you a better chef by 350 degrees Celsius.

10) Anyone can enjoy Thanksgiving. Anyone!

An extremely special thanks to my family for, well, everything. And a capitalized THANK YOU to my mom for sending the Thanksgiving decorations that set this whole thing in motion!


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    Beautiful pictures, beautiful people, great food. I am so thankfull for your new Australian family and how nice they are. So thankfull to GOD for all your happiness ……and ours.

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