Australian Father’s Day!

Fathers Day

One of the good things about living in Australia and being from the US is that you get to celebrate special occasions twice, like birthdays and Father’s day.

When I called my dad to wish him a Happy Australian Father’s day this Sunday, he simply replied, “Why? It’s already passed.”

I was feeling all sad and nostalgic that I couldn’t hug him so I made myself feel better by going through pictures of our family trips. When I saw these 3 pictures I stopped and sat up on the couch. I felt like Linden from The Killing.

I realized that the apple does not fall far from the tree, meaning: I think I inherited all my market problems from my dad.

1) Discomfort. Which you can clearly see in the picture above.

2) Confusion. That whole how-does-everyone-know-exactly-what-to-pick-up thing, and the which-isle-next thing. See picture below.


3) Those damn market bags, which my dad is clearly struggling with below.
South Melbourne Market

I promise it gets better, Dad and I cannot wait for you to get here in December so I can show you!


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