Aussie Cafes in New York City


New York City is taking a turn for the Australian. We’re seeing that now more than ever. Australian owned cafes and restaurants are popping up everywhere around the city, flat whites are on every coffee shop menu, and Australian actors (like Yael Stone, Eric Bana, Rose Byrne, Toni Collete, Joel Edgerton, Naomi Watts, etc) trick us with their ability to mimic the American accent. I am all for this, of course. The more people that know how incredible Australia (and it’s people) is the better.

If you’re in New York City and you’re looking to experience the Melbourne cafe culture we’re so famous I’ve got two places for you to try: Bluestone Lane and Little Collins.

Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe 






I loved this place so much.

As you walk in the door chances are you’ll be greeted by a friendly Aussie staff member. Give them a “Goodday, Mate. We’re here for some brekkie.” They’ll be so impressed. The all-white cafe boasts an outdoor seating area, a front and a back room. If you want to impress the staff even further, order a coffee straight away. It’s customary in Australia to have one coffee before your meal, and one with it. The mouthwatering menu has no shortage of avocado filled dishes – they even offer Balzathar toast with vegemite and avocado. Yum! Mostly everyone at our table ordered poached egg and avocado smash dish, but I went for their breakfast sandwiches. Bluestone is growing quickly – they now have coffee shops all over the city. For a proper Aussie breakfast though, the West Village location is your best bet.

Little Collins
Little Collins

Little Collins

The atmosphere at this small Upper East Side coffee shop is fast-paced and serious. They are serious about coffee but they serve it up with friendly Australian charm. Just like the coffee shops on the famous Melbourne street for which the cafe is named after, you can expect a line out the door for takeaway in the mornings, but it goes quick – they know exactly what they’re doing. The breakfast menu consists of small dishes that can accompany your coffee: avocado smash (of course!) toast with vegemite (oh common, at least try it!), bircher muesli and toasted banana bread. The blue “Little Collin St.” sign above the modbar, which adorns the slick cafe, was gifted to them by the mayor of Melbourne so you know they are Aussie certified.

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