Apple Picker, Donut Eater and Hot Cider Drinker




I’ve been quite confused with the seasons lately. I’ve had three summers in a row, even though “summer” in London shouldn’t really count. Then I spent fall in the US, but came back to Australia just end time for the end of Spring. And now here I am with a cold and a knack for choosing the wrong outfit for the day.

The best season for me this past year was fall and that’s all thanks to my sister, apples, and a wonderful place called Honey Pot Hills.  Because my family agrees my sister is the greatest person in the world we spent her entire birthday week in Boston celebrating, and doing some apple picking.

To some (“me”) apple picking seems like an activity you could get bored from rather quickly, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. Apple picking, if taken VERY seriously, is an intricate process which becomes addictive once you figure out there are indeed better apples then others. And so, for our group of five, the day went as follows.

1) we purchased our apple picking utensils; we got two 16 dollar medium sized bags that hold up to 10 pounds worth of apples.
2) we all partook in the maze, I mostly did it as a way to tire out my apple picking opponents.
3) we stopped by the animals for a quick good luck pet.
4) we took a short but thrilling hayride to the battle field.
5) birthday apple picking got very competitive very quickly.

There were so many questions to answer off the bat. What type of apple should I pick? Which is shinier, red or green? But is shiny too 2007? Maybe I should go for matte?  Should I start from the back or front row? Should I find a ladder or try my luck with the botton ones apples? Should I pick some off the ground? Should I have a cheeky little apple now?

There comes a point where you get to know these apple so well that picking a bad one and throwing it on the ground seems law breaking. Oh, and let me tell you how much your mind will be blown once you pick the siamese version of an apple. It’s incredible!

In the end my sister found the largest apple but I also have to give credit where credit is due; I found the largest amount of good quality apples. So who won? Everyone! Because we got a dozen of the best cinnamon and apple donuts I’ve ever had, some hot cider and had peanut butter waiting in the car to be consumed with the picked apples. And so, birthday heaven was had.

To be completely honest, with the the animals, the maze, the hayride, the actual apple picking, the cider and food you really can’t mess up a day filled with fun.


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