Always Blame the Gym Next Door.


There’s nothing to get you to change your work out regimen like getting up early for breakfast, right? That’s a tricky question. Because the only time that truly happens is if you wake up early to not eat breakfast or you plan have that breakfast at Industry Beans.

Industry Beans is hard to ignore. I came across it for the first time last summer, as I was making my way to the Rose Street Market. An unforced double take to notice the open black wooden panels fencing in the patio area and I was a goner. It’s kept me going back for two reasons: the breakfast is delicious and it makes me want to be a better person. Truly.

You probably don’t know this about me, but I’m a stay-at-home(orwork)-wannabe Melbourne barista. The type that competes at the Melbourne International Coffee Exposition. When I get up early to make my morning coffee I dream about the latte art I may produce. Maybe a dragon this time, maybe a heart, a swan, mickey and minnie mouse holding hands, maybe a perfectly round dot, but all I ever seem to make is… nothing. Sometimes I get the silhouette of an octopus, but Jack says that’s only what my brain wants to see. I bring this up because Industry Beans houses expert coffee training facilities for baristas. Can you believe it? It’s all happening right under my nose. I feel like the waiters can see the intimation and jealousy in my eyes now. They know I want to be one of them. I want to understand the training textbook posing as a coffee and food menu. I also want to smirk at the people who don’t know or appreciate that Industry Beans roast their own coffee in house. I want to have the knowledge to pair my coffee, which I know came from an exotic region, with an adventurous plate off the food menu. But I can’t.

And every time I go in with the intention of choosing that adventurous plate consisting of perfectly toasted bread, lots of eggs, and possibly hollandaise sauce, I end up with something like the semolina porridge or the steel cut oats. I blame the CrossFit gym next door.

You feel a little guilty, sitting there in an outdoor patio with the heater placed perfectly over your head, having just received your beautiful flat white watching the hard working, grunting, and moaning CrossFit goers getting their shit done. That’s about the time I think back to my week and realize all that exercise I planned to do starting monday, seriously this time, never happened.

Thank goodness the porridge is amazing, because there is no way I’m ordering anything unhealthy in front of those maniacs next door. One of those maniacs is now Jack. He was so inspired and awestruck he started a few weeks later. He’s completed his beginner courses and has moved on to the real works. And while I’m a very proud girlfriend, I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. I suspect one or five more visits to Industry Beans and I’ll give it shot.

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