Aloha, Jar!

When the sun is scorching hot in Fort Lauderdale, and I think I’m about to pass out, I just think of the Aloha Jar at the All Star Lanes bowling alley in London.

The Aloha Jar is made up of passion fruit vodka, pineapple and lime juice, passion fruit and almond syrup. Oh, and tons of crushed ice! It is the most beautiful, refreshing fruity drink I’ve had, and I don’t particularly enjoy fruity drinks. I’m a beer and red wine type of girl.

I wouldn’t even label it a fruity drink though, that’s not doing it justice. Every time I took a sip I felt closer to the beach. A few sips in, and I could smell the salt water; I could see me in a polca dot bikini included, laying on a lawn chair perfectlly located half in, half out half out of the water.  When I closed me eyes and took a sip, it felt as if I had lazily moved my arm over the lawn chair to touch the water.

The bowling is reason enough to visit All Star Lanes, but the Aloha Jar is a good excuse all on its own.

Side note: I’ve had the Moonshine and the Honey Pot, but neither came close to the Aloha Jar.

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