All I Really Want is Shapes!


I was completely and utterly obsessed with distinguishable shapes in my food growing up. While that fascination mostly had to do with mickey mouse shaped pancakes and ice cream, I also enjoyed the occasional heart shape pancake. I wasn’t really picky. I also fondly remember my very cool, and very pink Hello Kitty toaster. If I was a psychologist I would probably then assume that my current relationship with latte art stems from those days. I mean, I made a killer doughnut shape in my coffee yesterday morning that completely set the mood for a great monday. Shapes just get to me.

As you get older, though, and start making these shapes for yourself, the wonderment of it all freezes over. The only times it’s as intriguing as when I was a kid is when it’s a complete surprise. And wouldn’t you know it, Spain surprised the crap out of me, on my first day, during my first meal in Madrid.

I wasn’t even expecting to have breakfast in Madrid, and may I note that this isolated incident was the only time I had eggs the entire trip. I was fine with that though, I knew I wouldn’t find anything like the breakfast culture that we have here in Melbourne. I was prepared to suck up my morning hunger blues and wait until my lunch time aperitivos. But as luck would have it a spell of hunger hit too strong hit the four of us as we conveniently passed by a ‘Pasteleria’.

The plan was to order two ham and cheese croissant to share. It seemed like the quick, easy, on the go option. But because we are curious creatures we kept scouring the menu anyway and found the gorgeous Sandwiches Cubano for a mere 3.80 Euros, and a picture of it’s circle cut out in all it’s glory. We all immediately decided we’d get four of them, as well as an orange juice and coffee each. It was a beautiful¬†synchronization of agreement and excitement. We later shared the story of our breakfast, as you do, with my sister’s host family whom she was living with in Madrid. Their enthusiasm confirmed my thoughts about whether this was meal was special. It was something so simple, so fun and silly and badly needed. Just like being back together with my parents and my sister felt!

Every time I publish a post I secretly hope Jack reads it and sends me a quick text or email during work saying something like, ‘Cool babe!’. This post i’s different. This coming Sunday’s morning breakfast surprise won’t be much of a surprise anymore.

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