Alesund Norway

If there is a place that can teach you about life lessons such as, “I get knocked down, but I get up again” it has got to be the exquisite town of Alesund, on Norway’s western coastline. This town has seen struggle and rebirth. After a massive fire on the 23rd of January 1904, which took out the entirety of the city centre, Alesund was rebuilt into one of the most beautiful and admired places in Norway.

We only had 3 hours in there, which is not nearly enough time, but we tried to make it count.

The first order of business was food. We came across Lyspunket Cafe and almost didn’t leave. I’ve probably already convinced you to visit Alesund for it’s good looks but, if your not as superficial as I am, you must also visit to try this cafe.

Alesund Norway

A combination of tourists and locals constantly fill the busy and unassuming coffee shop. The menu at Lyspunket is varied but just small enough to easily maneuver. Honestly, I think anything you get on the menu will be outstanding. It’s the kind of place where everything is fresh and made with love.

We shared the West Coast (Pulled pork sandwich with homemade Coleslaw, fresh vegetables and home-style BBQ sauce) and the Mexican Feast (Salad with nacho chips, meat and grated cheese). I could not believe our taste buds. This is the kind of place you want as your friendly neighborhood cafe. I still cannot believe we may never get to eat there again.

When you go, you HAVE to get the cookie. I know, I know. Cookies are everywhere; what an insignificant class of food to recommend so strongly. But trust me. No other cookie has ever made me feel such profound joy and I can proudly say I’ve had one too many cookies in my lifetime.

And for the love of relationships don’t share the cookie. It looks huge, and it is, but just enjoy it. You will burn the calories making your way up Mount Aksla to see the panoramic view. If you feel you still need to burn more calories, just climb Aksla again. The food and the view are well worth it.

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