A Winning Weekend at Galleon Cafe

Albert Park, Melbourne Galleon Cafe Truffled Eggs at Galleon Cafe Pancakes at Galleon Cafe Galleon Cafe Albert Park, Melbourne Despite both Jack and I being ill at the moment, we had a pretty eventful weekend. Friday was Fourth of July (!!!) so we dragged ourselves off the couch and into a dark and solitary park in the suburbs where we let off some illegal fireworks. It was all very badass, if we do keep saying ourselves. Saturday night Essendon played (AFL) and after a stressful 3 hours we beat Port Adelaide by 2 points. This was a big deal, especially for Jack. Sunday we woke up early to watch the Dutch vs. Costa Rica World Cup game. It was, again, a very intense 90 minutes involving some yelling, cursing, sweating and hot tea being spilt on the donna. The game went to over time and penalties, but in the end we got the win we deserved. Then there was jumping on couches, hugging and some more yelling.

The excitement level was so high we somehow decided to drive from Fitzroy to St. Kilda for, as Jack calls them, the best pancakes of all time.

When we arrived at Galleon Cafe, just off Acland Street, the queue was already in tact. They told us 15 minutes, but the queue goes so quickly we were called in five. No matter how long the lovely staff tell you the wait is, have them add your name to the list and stay close by. It’s for good reason.

Now, about these so called “best pancakes” – I haven’t had them yet. That is mostly due to the fact Jack will not give up a bite of his. And also because my egg and bacon dishes have been so good I haven’t been able to part with them. From their extensive brunch menu, I went with the truffled eggs with goats cheese (+ bacon on the side).

You know those people whose attitude toward breakfast is “It’s just eggs”, and “I can make that at home for $5. Not even”. They are wrong, and I really think this dish would change their minds. So simple, yet so tasty, with flavours and textures that go together like whoa.

What I like most (after the food) about Galleon Cafe is it’s no-fuss, don’t-care-what-you-think, I-just-want-to-be-myself attitude. The word around town is that Galleon Cafe has, understandably, been a St. Kilda favorite for years and years, so why change what doesn’t even have coffee stains on it.

Galleon Cafe 
9 Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
Open daily: 7:00am-5:00pm

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