A Weekend Getaway, A Yummy One.


Oh, you’re going to Daylesford this weekend? You saw my post about Lavandula and need some more places to fill your quiet nice relaxing time with? Great! I have two and a little treat in the middle.

First. I say start your day off with breakfast at Breakfast and Beer! It’s located down Vincent St. after the round about. A different exit on that same round about will lead you to The Amazing Mill Market but visiting there would requires an entire day or trip all together so be careful. Anyway, if you get to Breakfast and Beer early enough you’ll get a parking spot right at the front and choice of seats. By 9am it will be packed so beware of your timing! We sat upstairs by the fake brick walls that I surprisingly loved and the large bookshelf. If it had just been me I would have sat downstairs by their comforting brick fire because I’m cold. I’m always cold. I ordered the corn fritters, along with Jill. It was delicious and finished promptly. I was especially proud of the amount of Australianess in Jack’s dish: Hot crumpets, lots of butter and he switched the honey for Vegemite then added bacon. What a man! But the winner was the Roasted Pacdon Cumberland sausages and white polenta with peperonata that John had (Jack’s dad). He proudly proclaimed it the best breakfast he’s ever had! And if that doesn’t make me want to rush back there and try it nothing will.breakfast and beer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbreakfast and beer

Now I would interrupt your scheduled eating with a trip to Hepburn Lagoon to go horseback riding on one of their trail rides. Not an expert? It’s okay. You don’t need to be. Most of us we’re in the beginners group and still were able to bring our gorgeous horses to a trot. Horse back riding is one of those things that once you get the hang of it you never want to stop doing. I wanted to keep going through the bush, into the mountains and through the lagoon, but you can’t really do that on the 2 hour tour. Plus I don’t think I would have been able to stand after. I had to take mini steps to get some of the complimentary pizza and lemonade with my legs spread as if I was still on the horse. Sexy.

horseback riders hepburn lagoon

hepburn lagoon hepburn lagoondaylesford After horseback riding we went back to Vincent St and hit all the shops with small nik naks. We got a set of dominos, an accordion, a glistening white tub for my collection of blankets, I got a vintage serving tray, one lone dessert plate, and a book with a collections of fairy tales. I didn’t realize how much I got until I wrote this post actually. It’s probably because the locals were extremely kind and friendly, and distracted us by asking where we were having dinner. We had planned to go to The Farmers Arms since it was at the end of our street. Luckily, it was a good plan! The locals had the same reaction. Oh yea. That’s a fun pub, you’ll love it. Go early though the place is filled by 6 and has takes no reservations.

It’s probably always filled because it’s cozy, has a good TV set up and a fun atmosphere. There’s also a cool outdoor area, and their really easy to deal with when it comes to split bills and ordering, they also have the cutest sheep living across the road. Actually, I think the place gets packed because of their sweet potato chips. Sweet potato chips are one of my favorite things and their not easy to come by in Australia. I would drive up to Daylesford for the day just to have them! We got them to share with the table but I sneakily moved them over to me and pretended like I ordered them as my meal. My plate of pork belly confirmed I had lied and was greedy but it was crispy and delicious so I could not be mad. Farmers Arms is really a no miss type of pub. And how good is a fun pub that actually serves delicious food!

Good luck and have a great weekend. You’ll love Daylesford!

farmers arms sheepsweet potato chips pork belly

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