A Sunday Morning Field Trip to Mitte

My Sundays are reserved for eating well and exploring. The best Sunday’s though are when my boyfriend wakes up suggests we take a “morning field trip”.

I had a feeling this would be happening. We had one of my boyfriend’s friends over for dinner who is currently living in NYC. I mentioned how much I miss brunch in NYC, and he suggested I go to Mitte, “an amazing brunch spot”.

Mitte is a quiet little spot in North Fitzroy. An enchanting, all white cafe perfectly located on a residential corner, making it peaceful and relaxed yet cool and a little exclusive. I’m sure the residents in the area would love for you to never find out about it so they could keep it to themselves, but here I am, giving it all away gain.

We sat outside because even with our 9:30am arrival time we were late to the party. Our waiter came out, set tap water on the table and handed us our menus; so amicable, so pleasant. I ordered a strong cappuccino straight away and with urgency. I felt special because a) my coffee got to me within 3 minutes and b) it was divine! I definitely had to fight myself on ordering another.

The menu at Mitte is one of those menus where so many different dishes stick out at you, you’re not very worried about which meal to order because you’ll be back to try the others soon. My boyfriend got the Pikelets with Lemon Curd and Brown Maple Sugar, I got the Veggies on Toast (the red chilis got me).

The Pikelets were wonderfully warm and soft in the middle. I had never heard of Pikelets. (They are basically a type of pancakes found in Australia and New Zealand, but they are also so much more than that.) Of course I took some from him, why even ask? My toast was so good that three hours later while in the middle of a very intense Sons of Anarchy episode I said,  “That was almost TOO good” to myself, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

What I’m trying to say is that Sons of Anarchy is an amazing show and Clay Morrow is the devil. But what I really wanted to get across is that our friend was right, Mitte is amazing.

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