A Saturday Morning at Grace Cafe

Grace Cafe FitzroyGrace Cafe Fitzroy With the exception of this past Saturday, I like to spend weekends with Cameron wrapped around my neck. You remember Cameron the Camera, don’t you? Yes? Good!

I had absolutely no desire to photograph anything on Saturday. All I wanted was some time to myself, some eggs, a coffee (or two) and my book. I didn’t have anywhere in mind but I somehow ended up at the very cosy and heavily graffitied Grace Cafe in Fitzroy.

Let me preface this by saying that I already knew I loved Grace Cafe. I wrote a post about a dish from their Summer menu (toast with peanut butter and cherry tomatoes) but, sadly, never got around to publishing it.

The thing that is so good about Grace – other than the cute, vintage-y feel and the extra friendly staff, and their attention to detail, and the fact they so obviously love books as much as I do, and I could go on forever so I won’t – is that they work so well with a seasonal menu in addition to the Normal Menu.

Using local and organic ingredients, every season’s specials menu has been impressive. The winter menu is no different. They only have a handful of dishes on there including breakfast and dessert (there is sticky date pudding at the moment!).

I ordered The Spinach Eggs with bacon.

After devouring 3 chapters of my book, the gorgeous dish pictured above (in iPhone quality) landed in front of me. That was it! I could not help myself. To heck with providing the best photography I can offer. Grace Cafe and their winter menu would be written about.

And you know, it’s just like Fitzroy to serve you a beautiful and appetizing breakfast when you’ve completely shut off your brain and your camera is at home.

Grace Cafe
76 Rose Street, Fitzroy VIC
open: 7AM-4PM Weekdays, 8AM-5PM Weekends 

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