A Piece of Breakfast

I changed my mind since this post. Instead of heading straight to The Columbia Road Flowers and Shop Market, leave your hotel and/or apartment early and have breakfast at the first cafe on Columbia Road, Campania.

Campania is responsible for the best breakfast my friend MC and I had in London. It just happend to catch my eye that first Sunday; the wooden decor, the cooking products and meats on display, the open kitchen with a clear view to the chef, and the take out window on the right side of the building facing the street. I had to try it.

A 15 minute wait would be a piece of breakfast. We noticed a lot of costumers were upset because of slow service, so we took advantage of our 15 minute wait and ordered as soon as we sat down: tap water, 2 flat whites, freshly squeezed orange juice, I got scrambled eggs with chili and tomato, sunny side up eggs with prosciutto ham and salad, and one sausage on the side to share.

The sausage was unbelievable. My eggs had just the right touch of spice. The freshly squeezed orange juice felt like it came straight from my mom’s kitchen in South Florida. Being a Floridian, I know good orange juice when I try some. We never got our water and our coffees came 5 minutes after the food, other than that it was perfection.

I would say, go to Campania with patience, focus and for the food.

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