A Lovely Young Lady and Her Crepe Cafe

The crepe cafe The crepe cafe The crepe cafe The crepe cafe

I’d like you to meet my sister, Ana. Come to think of it, you guys have probably met already. She’s been featured all over the blog, because if there is anyone who can out eat me, it’s her. She knows a thing or ten on the subject of food. It seemed wrong to tell you about one of her favorite places myself since I’ve never witnessed such a strong connection between a cafe and a human as this…

I want to introduce myself by first telling you that I am completely obsessed with crepes! When I say obsessed, I mean that if I had just eaten a three course meal plus desert, and walked by a crepe place after dinner, I’d still run in and order a crepe no matter how full I was. And yes, I would completely devour it and enjoy every melting bite. With that said, you can imagine the copious amounts of crepes that have entered my mouth.

My sister and I have been dying to share my favorite crepe café with you all! I found this crepe place last year, while on one of my college soccer trips in San Francisco, California (now one of my favorite cities in North America.) My family and I were casually walking San Francisco’s Fisherman Warf and doing all sorts of touristy things. On our adventurous walk down Pier 39, my eyes went straight to a sign reading “The Crepe Café.” Of course, I couldn’t resist, and I even think I had an ice cream before this crepe discovery. I quickly left my family’s side and ran toward the cafe windows. All I saw was a man making beautiful crepes, cutting up all sorts of fruits and melting creamy nutella all over.  With this vision in site, there was absolutely no way I wasn’t getting in that long line! I didn’t care how long it took; all I wanted was that delicious taste. The wait wasn’t even long because the Café is run so well. You order a signature crepe or make your own, and then the man in the window makes it right away.  I ordered one crepe with nutella, dulce de leche, and strawberries. And believe me, I wanted to order two more, but my family gave me that “you better not order more than one” stare. I hate that stare!

So this December, my family and I spent Christmas and New Years in San Francisco. I obviously could not leave without taking a trip to The Crepe Café. It was as delicious as the first time. I watched them make it, dripping the nutella and dulce de leche so gently, and then cutting and adding the strawberries. It literally melted in my mouth and was gone within five wonderful minutes.

Another great thing about The Crepe Café is its location. Although I am not one to eat around touristy areas, The Crepe Café is an exception. After enjoying the tasty crepes, one can walk to see the sea lions all grouped together on Pier 39. It is an amazing and such an entertaining site. My family and I watched the sea lions fight and jump into the water for a good thirty minutes, while at the same time wishing I had ordered the two other crepes!

So if you are wondering, yes, the next time I visit San Fran (which I absolutely will) you can find me at The Crepe Café!

The Crepe Cafe 
39 Pier 39 Concourse #181, San Francisco, CA 94133

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