A Big Tavola in Sydney.

potts point sydney a tavola a tavola menu a tavola tomato mozzarella salad Parpadelle con ragu si agnelloa tavola

While in Sydney last week Chiara and I were looking for a place walking distance from The Kirketon Hotel and close proximity to Gelato Messina. A Tavola seemed to fit the bill.

What silly little rascals we were to think that A Tavola is a place you just simply fit into your schedule because it in a convenient location. This place is special. This place should be enjoyed with great company, an enormous appetite, and a good glass of wine.

Fresh house-made pasta, a warm setting, a small mouthwatering menu, an even better specials menu, and a staff that knows their stuff is what you can expect. We were seated by the kitchen at the end of the table in the skinny front room; the feature long, communal table, the one that, from the name of the restaurant, you know you are meant to go to. We both sat on the same side facing the small make-shift bar opposite. It was a treat in itself to watch the staff at work. A minute after we were seated a tin plate of fresh bread was placed on the table with a saucer filled with chili infused oil. They really had me at chili oil.

Our waitress came over and explained every dish on their small menu in detail. She then moved on to the specials menu written on a black board above our heads. Both our mouths were salivating as we agreed on the house special, Parpadelle con ragu si agnello (and also the dish they are known for) (now critically acclaimed. by us.). Our lamb was slow cooked for 6 hours, cooked in white wine, and served beautifully on a simple white plate. We shared it, unfortunately. We also shared the Buffalo mozzarella, rocket, tomato, prosciutto for a bit of freshness. It was all beyond perfection, especially since we had no idea what to expect.

I can’t wait to go back. Next time around I’m getting the fried salame Veneto, polenta, parmigiano and the rigatoni al ragu.

You can’t see me, but I just kissed my fingertips and tossed them away repeating such words as, “Bellisimo. Bellisimo!”

A Tavola

348 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia
Dinner: Monday to Saturday: 6pm – late
Lunch: Friday: 12pm – 3pm

Shop 2 / 75-79 Hall Street Bondi NSW 2026
Dinner: Monday to Sunday (7 days): 5:30pm – late
Lunch: Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 3pm

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