El Chapo Is Perfect The Way It Is.

The first thing to do when in London is to track down Lucky Chip.

Lucky for me, Seabright Arms in East London is their home. Unlucky for my health, that was right around the corner from my hotel. I kept hearing about their burgers since the start of summer, but I was in touristy mode then and didn’t want to have a meal in the area I was staying in. Now I’m (metaphorically) kicking myself, because I only enjoyed the El Chappo Burger from Lucky Chip twice.

El Chapo from Lucky Chip is the best burger I’ve ever had! And, trust me, that title is not easily won. It’s coming from someone who has tried a lot of burgers in a lot of countries, from the Fergburger in New Zealand to Shake Shack in New York to my older brother’s Summer BBQ burger. Yes, I have loved many burgers in my time, but I’ve never been sad to leave one behind. I still haven’t come to terms with the fact I may never have it again.

I miss the moment you take the first bite and the strong flavors hit you. The thick bacon comes at you, then the blue cheese takes over, while the jalapenos are plotting to get you. Meanwhile the aoili sauce is dripping down your arms and you’re cleaning yourself up with a french fry. I’ve obviously embraced the mess and hope you do too! So why not order a Brooklyn Lager too? Seabright Arms has it on tap!

Oh, one last thing: while the french fries are delicious (do not ponder whether you should get them or not. DO!) I hear the cheese fries are out of this world.

Oh, and second to last thing: Lucky Chip is very strict with their burgers. They won’t do add-ons, and frown upon take-offs. You won’t need to change anything anyway,  El Chapo is perfect the way it is.


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    I love Lucky Chip! When I had the Kelly Le Broc burger I also rated it as one of the best….another visit may be in order. Oh and they now do mini burgers in Soho at an underground bar called The Player.

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