Accidentally Loving Hot Chocolate.

I’ve never been a hot chocolate lover per se. My theory is if you drink coffee but are in the mood  for a hot chocolate then just pour some chocolate powder on top of your coffee. I can only really remember having hot chocolates during my younger sister’s soccer games growing up, those ones from the kiosk that were a sorry excuse for anything with the word chocolate in its title. They didn’t cut it for me.

But I have some news! I am now a hot chocolate lover! I want to shout it from the rooftop of your house, but I guess this post will do! This new revelation is all thanks to the stylings of Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe in Sydney, Australia. My taste buds, brain and heart could not believe what was happening as I took my first small sip.

I think it had to do with how they served it. Those geniuses put four pieces of milk chocolate in my mug and gave me a pouring cup with the steaming hot chocolate inside of it. I get it. You pour hot chocolate into more chocolate and voila!

It was the most drinkable hot chocolate I’ve ever had, there’s no other way to explain it.

We were lucky to have had it because hot chocolate for lunch was not our intention. We were starving so, without looking at the menu, we sat down at the first place we saw, Guylian. Because of prices food was no longer an option, the hot chocolate was $8.50 so that would have to do. I actually left grateful for their out of reality prices.

Do me a favor; next time you’re in Sydney splurge on the yumminess that is a Guylian’s Hot Chocolate. Not liking milk chocolate is no excuse as there are plenty of different chocolates to choose from. I’ll be trying to white chocolate next time, it’s risky I know. Not wanting a hot drink is also not a good excuse, Jack got the chocolate milkshake and could not stop raving about it. For about 30 minutes we were five-year olds in chocolate paradise, doesn’t that sound fun?

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe 

91 George Street, The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000

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